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Tailor Your Cover

Cover-More Travel Insurance offers a wide variety of cover to our policyholders, but we recognise that everyone travels for different reasons. Adjust your travel insurance to cover exactly what you need, while passing on what you don’t. Operators are standing by to assist you with choosing the right level of cover that meets your needs, so call our team of travel insurance experts at 1300 72 88 22 or go online today to get your travel insurance quote!

Increase your luggage cover

All Cover-More international plans come with luggage cover of varying amounts. You can check out how much cover is included and what item limits apply in our compare our plans section.

if you’re taking something special on your trip that is worth more than the item limit, additional cover may be something you may want to consider including. It can be anything from a piece of jewellery to your new iPhone. For an additional premium, you can increase the item limit by up to $4,500, but you’ll need to provide us with a receipt or valuation should you need to make a claim.

Increase your rental car insurance excess cover

Hiring a car overseas? If you have an accident you could be liable for a big excess. Often rental car companies offer the ability to reduce the insurance excess at time of hiring, but that too can be very expensive.

Our Options** and Travelsure plans both offer rental car insurance excess cover. However, if you’d like to increase that cover, you can by up to an additional $3,500.

Add cover for skiing / snowboarding / snowmobiling

If you are heading to the snow and want cover whilst you’re skiing, snowboarding or snowmobiling make sure you include this option on your policy.

Please be aware that we only cover on-piste activities and do not cover racing or professional winter sports even if you include this option on your Cover-More Travel Insurance policy.

Add cover for motorcycling (inc. mopeds)

Cover-More Travel Insurance policies do not automatically include cover for claims involving motorcycling. If you plan on riding a motorcycle (even as a passenger), make sure you include this option on your policy.

Important: Even if you take our motorcycle/moped cover, you will only be covered if:
  • The engine capacity is 200cc or less;
  • You are wearing a helmet; and
  • Whilst in control of the motorcycle, you hold a license valid in the country you are riding.

For a full list of conditions and exclusions, please read the relevant Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS) on the top right of this page before buying the policy.

*Based on TravelSure, 30 day duration, Europe, 0-49 years, $100 excess.

**Our Options plan is currently available through our agents or by calling our Customer Service centre on 1300 72 88 22 only

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