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Bali Mt Rinjani Volcanic Ash Cloud - Updated 26 Nov 2015

Issued: 26 November 2015

We note flights have resumed into and out of Denpasar airport, Bali. The Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, part of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has still coded the event as Orange: ‘Volcano exhibiting heightened unrest with increased likelihood of eruption.’ This information is accurate as of 26th November 2015. As such we have concluded that the volcanic ash event and subsequent flight disruptions beginning on 3rd November to be ongoing. This means that any policies issued on or after 3rd November 2015 are not eligible for coverage for any costs relating to this event as it is not unforeseen after this date. We will continue to monitor this event and will release a statement once we deem the event to be over.

Your policy provides a number of benefits, conditions, limits and exclusions that may be relevant to your travel plans. You should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which outlines the extent of your travel insurance cover.

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Frequently asked questions as at 10 November 2015

Please refer to our website www.covermore.com.au for advice relating to the current situation in Bali, what your travel insurance provides cover for and how to submit a claim.

icon  Airlines

Airlines make their own decisions as to the ability to fly in these conditions based on a number of factors. We are unable to comment on airlines’ reasons for doing so. Please contact them directly to discuss your situation.

We don’t have access to your flight details, so your travel consultant will be able to help you. Or you can contact your airline directly. Most of the airlines have updated information on their website home pages.

icon  If you are still in Australia and are waiting to travel to Bali

The situation in Bali with the volcanic ash cloud is not static and all airlines are closely monitoring the situation. You should contact your airline as soon as possible and check for updates closer to your scheduled departure date to determine if your travel plans are affected.

There is no cover for flight amendment or cancellation costs or additional transport or hotel accommodation costs if your existing travel plans are not affected by the events in Bali. For example, if you are due to fly to Bali next week, and flights resume this week, there is no cover for your travel amendment or cancellation costs.

You can change the dates of travel on your existing policy if you have no out of pocket expenses to claim. Where you have reasonable amendment fees for transport or accommodation that need to be claimed, you can claim for these on your existing policy however, you will need to purchase a new policy to cover your new travel dates.

This benefit only applies to instances where you are unable to work after you have suffered an injury during your journey so if your delay in returning home is for any other reason, such as a disruption caused by volcanic ash clouds, this benefit does not apply.

icon  If you are stranded in Bali

Please contact our emergency medical assistance team on +61 2 8907 5619. We are here 24 hours, seven days and we can also connect you with an Australian-based GP if that is the best option for you.

No. If your period of insurance is extended because of circumstances outside your control such as being stranded in Bali due to a volcanic ash cloud, your travel insurance will automatically extend until you are able to return home by the quickest and most direct route. You do not have to contact us or pay any additional premium.

icon  Submitting a Claim

Receipts or invoices for any reasonable additional costs of transport or reasonable additional accommodation that you outlay.

For all policies issued before 3 November 2015, there is cover for your reasonable additional transport and hotel accommodation expenses incurred as a result of the events in Bali. The cover available will only be up to the nominated limits in your travel insurance policy and is subject to other terms and conditions, limits and exclusions of your policy.

No. We regret that food is not covered by your policy as we only cover additional transport and accommodation expenses.

Your policy extends to cover additional travel and accommodation expenses and we may be able to cover the costs of phone calls you make to us however, we are unable to cover other financial losses not specifically outlined in the Product Disclosure Statement including costs such as parking and phone calls to your airline.

For all policies issued before 3 November 2015 and where you are unable to wait until your rescheduled flight to get home because you must return to Australia earlier, we will cover the cost of reasonable additional transport expenses to help you return home.

However, you must explain to us why you were unable to wait for your airline to fly you home as per their schedule so we can assess if the policy covers this cost.

If you do have to book additional transport or accommodation, you should endeavor to book at the same standard of accommodation or class of transport that matches the rest of your itinerary.. That is what we mean by reasonable.


For more detailed claims advice and updates, please visit our Travel Advice Portal.


You should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which outlines the extent of your travel insurance cover. Any benefits provided are subject to terms and conditions, limits and exclusions of your policy.