In Moroccan whiskey - part 1 and Moroccan whiskey - part 2, Ryan found himself stranded with no money, no friends, no passport and along way from the bus that departed with his luggage. Ryan had hoped a game of pool would win him a taxi ride. He lost.

What happens next? Read on...


A few punters with an ear in each part of the room seemed to pick up on the comment. I tried my best to ignore them and discreetly handed Mohammed the money, combining the transaction with a handshake, hoping to delay the inevitable. He counted up the filthy notes close to his chest like a poker player contemplating a bluff. The smoke from his cigarette made him wince as his eyes glanced up briefly to meet mine. I assumed that was the exact moment he realised I had short changed him. I closed my eyes, knowing I was at the end of my rope.


‘OK- so let’s go!’ Mohammed threw his arms in the air, with a big grin and animated posture.

My eyelids sprung open “...What?” “To Chefchaouen? C’mon!” He replied. There was a silence amongst the crowd. Stare’s like daggers followed me out the back door of the building to Mohammed’s beaten up blue taxi. There was briskness in his walk which made me anxious enough to do the same. I jumped in his taxi, on edge, thinking this may be a trick. We drove a kilometre or 2 and I felt myself calm down after a short mental revision. Mohammed could have easily given me away, even by accident, back at the truck stop - he didn’t - in fact I had the feeling he was protecting me. During the hour’s long drive, we talked the whole way. Mohammed came across as an intelligent, funny guy. I really enjoyed my time with him. We soon reached the bus depot at Chefchaouen, where I was pleasantly surprised to find my backpack still in one piece with all of its contents still there. I offered Mohammed the money I owed, plus the cab fare, but of course, he vehemently refused.

I thanked Mohammed and we exchanged email addresses. He was a real gentleman in a place I least expected to find one and I was lucky enough he was sympathetic to my story. Turns out, he has loads of money; he just enjoys a good game of pool! 

We still keep in contact to this day.

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