When visiting a new country the most important activities for tourists are those that allow them to experience the culture first-hand. While you could visit a local performance or buy some handiwork crafts (and we absolutely recommend you do!), if you want a taste of local life you will only find it with the local gastronomy. Hue, Vietnam is no exception to this rule.

Once serving as the country’s capital, Hue is a melting pot of architecture and history, culture and cuisine. The food choices are plenty and you will find many options available at quality that cannot be found elsewhere.


Even those who can’t point Vietnam out on map can probably tell you what pho is. From Sydney to Brisbane, this Vietnamese noodle soup is gaining popularity around Australia and the rest of the world – but nobody makes it like the locals.

Consisting of broth, flat linguine-type noodles, herbs and meat, Pho is often had for breakfast in Southern Vietnam, but can also be enjoyed for lunch or dinner. Eat like a local: rise and shine with a bowl of pho.

Bun Bo Hue

Though pho is the more popular soup, bun bo hue, often called bun bo, is just as delicious. This soup is made from round rice noodles, rather than the flat ones of pho. Bun bo is made from noodles, lemongrass, annatto seeds, ginger, fermented shrimp paste, sugar and chills. This Hue staple can be found all around the city and may vary depending on which family or store you buy it from.

Banh Khoai

This thin, crunchy crepe, often called the hui pancake, is made from rice-flour and flavored with turmeric. It is often stuffed with shrimp, pork belly, or sausage and served with a side a dipping sauce. You can expect a sweet, ultra-crispy coating on the outside due to the batter made of sugar and carbonated water. With portable and easy presentation, you can find these delectable desserts at street cars in busy areas and restaurants around town.

Trai Va Salad

Hue is known for a particular green fig, the trai va, not grown in any other part of the world. It is often cooked, peeled, and served as a garnishment or served with a sauce as a salad. Don’t miss trying this fig, because it could be your only chance – trai va is sold very few places around the globe.

Com Hen

Despite its name, no hens go into this dish. This dish’s name, literally translated, means “clam rice”. This entrée is for flavour connoisseurs who love a variety of spices and want to savour the experience of each bite. In the dish you will find rice or rice noodles, tender stir-fried clams, crisp pork cracklings, peanuts, bean sprouts, julienned green apples, glass noodles, fried shallots and herbs, all served in a hot clam broth.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user thatwelike