Jody Elliott

There has been an increasing trend of family groups, including large and extended families, travelling to Bali over the Christmas period. You can only imagine the stress you would feel if your child was admitted to a foreign hospital. We monitor cases of Dengue Fever and Bronchopneumonia very closely.

Various injuries and traumas also bring holiday-makers to hospital. During New Year’s Eve celebrations, a young customer came in requiring urgent surgery for a fireworks injury to their hand. I also helped two young policy holders who were involved in a serious jet ski collision accident. One of the customers needed an Air Ambulance home, and the other returned with their family on a commercial flight.

Probably my most critical patient so far has been a traveller who was initially unwell with gastroenteritis, and days later developed a complication that required urgent surgery. Post -surgery, his condition worsened and we needed to arrange an air ambulance to move his to a higher-care facility. We also made sure that his travelling companion received all the support they needed at this difficult time.

From simple cases through to the more complex, I have been overjoyed with the positive response to my role here in Bali. Patients and their families have been so appreciative for the additional support and communication.


My time here has been very rewarding. I’d love to share some of the feedback I’ve received from my patients as it’s one of the things that has made this experience so very worthwhile.

"...thanks so much, it was so good to have someone here to help.”

“ nice to have someone to talk to who speaks English, I will be recommending Cover-More to everyone.”

“...the insurance has been fantastic, the people in the office from the first call to now, has been so helpful."

Reflecting more on my journey, I have forged a great relationship with BIMC staff and my presence on the ground means that we’ve been able to obtain coverage decisions much faster.

The first-hand knowledge I have gained—my understanding of local issues, the ‘Bali Way’, medical facilities’ services and capabilities and the standards of international hospitals in this area—is invaluable and something I can share with the team back home.

As I enjoy my last few weeks here in Bali, thanks for sharing this great adventure with me. And on a final note, I hope my blog reminds everyone to never, ever travel without a travel insurance policy. You may never need to use it, but it really does pay to be prepared!

Jody Elliott, Cover-More Brand Ambassador

The primary reason for creating this position was to put a medical expert on the ground who is always available to help our policyholders through any sicknesses or injuries they may experience while in Bali. It pays to be prepared, and you can be prepared for you holiday to Bali with a travel health insurance plan from Cover-More Australia.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Simon Clancy.