Guy surfing Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka


The beachfront villages of Arugam Bay boast some of the greatest surf spots in Sri Lanka. If you are looking to catch a wave away from home, see our guide to surfing in style.

Where to go

Located on the southeast portion of the island, Arugam Bay sits on the Indian Ocean. There are several accommodation options available for travellers. Choose from beachfront bungalows and tree houses, or visit one of the resort hotels. Popular hotel options include the Stardust Beach Hotel, The Danish Villa Hotel, Surf and Sand Hotel and Dragonfly Inn. There are price options available for every traveller.

When to visit

Arugam Bay waves are best between May and October (July and August are peak tourist months). The biggest swells come from the southwest monsoon. Average temperatures between May and October are 28-29 Celsius and average ocean temperature is similar. Average rainfall during this period is near 45 mm per month. Dress appropriately and plan for water temperatures as well as the time you won’t spend in the water.

Why Arugam

Despite its picturesque setting, Sri Lanka is still a relatively cheap destination vacation. The surf is reliable and there are activities for non-surfing days in the neighbouring villages. Be warned, though, the greatest downside to surfing in Sri Lanka is wave height, which rarely rises above a head high. Still, Arugam Bay pulls an international crowd and is consistently included in the world’s best surf spots.

The longboarder’s dream, Arugam provides great waves for surfers of all skill levels. Surfing abroad can pose many risks, though. If an accident occurs while in foreign waters, make sure you are covered beforehand with Cover-More Travel Insurance. Our Adventure Travel Insurance covers your health in the event of a surf injury abroad, and insurance also covers your surfboard in the event it is lost, stolen or damaged while in the custody of a transport provider. Enjoy your surf vacation and stay safe with Cover-More Travel Insurance.

Image courtesy of Flickr user James Gordon