The Beautiful Philippines - a photo snapshot from Dan's travels...

Dan Moore has just returned from the Philippines where he was shooting some video and taking some pics for Cover-More... Here's just some of his amazing photos of this beautiful country. Simply stunning!


The beautiful 'Magaso Falls' in Bohol, Philippines. Was nice to cool off here and the water was amazing. Great pit stop on the way to Chocolate Hills.



The search... Looking from Bohol to Cebu, Philippines. The sun had just risen, not a breath of wind on the water. Amazing view to look out to.



Some shots don't come out the way you expect. This under over shot wasn't what I expected when I viewed it. Not the easiest shot to take on a GoPro considering how small the lens is but this ones on fire :) Las Cananas, Palawan.



Ok huge day, swam with Whale Sharks today and then traveled up from Oslob to Panagsama, Cebu. Took the drone airborne and then watched this magnificent sunset. Exhausted, but seriously blessed.



Diving through a hole in a cliff to Secret Beach in El Nido. Literally a small prefect beach hidden behind cliffs and one small entrance through. This apparently is where the movie 'The Beach' was derived from but filmed in Thailand.



El Nido... I ❤️YOU! Seriously this place is my fav location in the Philippines thus far! It's blissful and I haven't even hit the islands yet...tomorrow.



Today my mind was blown. I swam with a million sardines at Panagsama Beach and found this turtle while I was out there. So relaxed, just chilling and eating. Amazing day.



'Yeah I got a taxi' he said! Haha best ride evarr! Landed in Bohol, Philippines today and found myself crammed into a Boholano Tricycle with my suitcase strapped to the back. Haha just had to laugh. I love travel!!



Snorkeling in Panagasama, Cebu. Crystal clear warm waters, a zillion sardines and a friendly turtle...what more could you ask for.



Today's office • I don't want to go home. Hands down the most beautiful place I have ever seen. El Nido 'Big Lagoon'.



Free diving in the beautiful clear waters of Panagsama, Cebu. This is where u can swim with 100 thousand sardines. It's a giant wall of sardines that move and dance in the waters. It's truly an amazing experience.




Ok so I'm totally sold. I'm so coming back to El Nido a-sap! Tonight's sunset blew my mind. The mix of sunset, water, boats, mountains and people...I couldn't have asked for more. Shot taken from Happiness Bar, El Nido, Palawan on Canon 70D 70-200 lens.



Dan Moore is a traveller and adventurer and was in the Philippines April 2016 for Cover-More. You can see more snaps by following both @danandmoore and @covermore on Instagram. The videos are still to come but these can be found on Youtube here. Make sure to follow and subscribe for more amazing adventures!