One of the best things about travelling to a foreign country is trying the local flavours, and Thailand offers some of the best (and cheapest!) cuisine out there.

From Bangkok to Phuket, Thai cities offer world-famous "street food", and it's definitely something we suggest you try. However, you must be careful when choosing a vendor, as some of the food may be unsanitary or too harsh for foreigner's stomachs.


Street food in Thailand




Look for locals


One of the best ways to determine if a vendor is safe is to look for the booths that are popular among locals.


Though you may be new to the city you're visiting, locals will know which ones offer good, healthy food and those that are notorious for causing stomach problems. If you see lots of Thai people queuing up at a booth, then it's probably safer than the rest.


Use your eyes


Though you can't always tell what foods are safe just by looking at them, it's still a good idea to follow your gut. If a vendor serves you a piece of meat or vegetable that looks dodgy, it's best to refuse the offer and walk away.


The same can be said for your taste buds. Though you'll sample some flavours that are truly unique - and delicious - if something tastes off or rotten, then don't eat it, even if you think it's possibly supposed to taste that way.


Have a safeguard


These tips will help you stay safe, but it's still possible you may eat something in Thailand that simply doesn't agree with your stomach. If so, you'll be happy you had a safeguard.


Purchasing travel insurance online before you leave means you'll be able to get the medical treatment you need if you should have a bite to eat that doesn't sit well.


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