India is an amazing country that's it's difficult to talk about all of it in one post, or see it in one trip. Here are a few highlights that stand out while I'm still on the road taking photos and video.


I landed in Kolkata. There was so much going on, and my initial impressions of India were filled with everything happening everywhere – which would have been a lot even without the jet lag. I'd have to say the people were far more relaxed than I had anticipated.

I stayed at Chrome Hotel on AJ Bose Road - really nice hotel with good rooms. There was a great rooftop area to enjoy a quiet drink adjacent to their swimming pool. The pool looked like it could use some service, so I gave that a miss. But it did add some nice atmosphere.

Photo Tip

  • Head to a busy street corner and capture a time-lapse and then cross a train line and get a time-lapse of the people crossing with trains zipping by.


I arrived in Mathura and settled into the Regency hotel. I went straight out and joined in the Holi celebrations - wandering the streets and visiting the local temple, Buchai Bihari. The next day was Holi so I was back out on the streets again with coloured powder and water going everywhere. Went back to Buchai Bihari temple and tried to capture the flavor of the festival with the GoPro

Good Food

For amazing vegetarian food, go to the restaurant out the back of Hurry Christina Temple.


No trip to India is complete without a trip to Agra - the home of the Taj Mahal and the iconic symbol of India to the rest of the world.  I stayed at the 60 year old Clark Shiraz Hotel which offers up more personality than many hotels.

Taj Mahal Tips

  • Tripods and microphones are banned, so leave them in your hotel room.
  • Arrive at 6 am to catch the light at sunrise and get a different palate of colors from what you’ll see later on in the day—think pinks and oranges.
  • There are lockers you can put your things in, but they're not open first thing so whatever you bring with you, plan to carry the whole time.

Photo Tips

  • Get the iconic photos with the Taj Mahal reflected in the water and one from where Princess Diana sat—it’s a line to wait for them, but definitely worth it no matter what the weather is doing.
  • Try a Hyper-lapse around the Taj Mahal - it will look amazing. Here is my hyperlapse video so you can see how all your hard work will pay off in the end:

  • My guide took me to a place you can actually film the Taj Mahal from across the river and capture the sunset—if that picture is on your “to take” list, check out tours for opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to the public.

By Dan Moore

We'll have more videos and updates from the trip and hints for planning your own trip to India. And remember to cover your travels abroad with international travel insurance from Cover-More Australia.