If you've got a sweet tooth, it's sometimes hard to find or choose traditional desserts unless you know what you're looking for. To help you before you go travelling to the largest archipelago in the world, here are a few mouth-watering desserts you need to know.


Klepon traditional Indonesian rice cake

These are sweet coconut rice balls and can be made from either a flour rice base (green rice balls) or using black sticky rice. With a gooey brown sugar liquid, the first bite gives you an explosion of the sweet flavor of coconut and brown sugar mixed together.

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If you're after a cool refreshing dessert drink, Cendol could be what you are looking for. Commonly found throughout Indonesia and Malaysia in food courts, hawker stands and roadside vendors, Cendol is a coconut milk base dessert mixed with a variety of toppings which includes a green worm-like jelly which gives it the distinct look.

Image credit: Embassy of Indonesia

Bubur pulut hitam


Bubur Pulut Hitam - Black Sticky Rice Dessert


This dessert is made from a combination of black & white glutinous rice with sugar, salt and coconut milk.

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Getuk lindri


Getuk Lindri - Steamed Cassava with Coconut Topping


Getuk Lindri is a cake made from cassava with grated coconut. It's not the most common dessert, but it's definitely worth the taste once you've found it.

Image courtesy of Mindoel.

Like the rest of Asia, Indonesia has an abundance of delicious desserts waiting to be sampled, so if you're spending the day wandering around the markets and roadside food stalls, make sure you leave room for dessert!

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