As you have probably already locked down your travel plans for the remainder of 2013, there are always reasons to plan for 2014! Here are a few festivals to look forward to in Indonesia.

Sanur Kite Festival

Sanur Kite Festival, Indonesia


We mentioned this in a previous article, Kite festivals around the world, the Sanur kite festival is held each year in July, this Balinese festival features hundreds of kites, some of which are 10 or more metres in length, take over the beaches in Sanur.

Bau Nyale

Held on the 20th day of the 10th month on the traditional Sasak Calendar (around February each year), the festival is often held at the Kaliantan Beach, Pemongkong village. The event honours Princess Mandalika, a legendary princess of the island by celebrating and honouring the sea worms that appeared when Manalika dived into the sea.  You can see various traditional performances, competitions and rowing boat races during the event.

Jakarta Fair

It runs for the full month in July, the Jarkarta Fair is the country’s largest Fair held every year. It’s held at the Jakarta International Expo in Kemayoran and features all kinds of Indonesian-made products, night market fair, shopping and fun for every visitor.

Festival Teluk Jailolo

In 2013 it ran between May 16th to the 18th at the Halmahera Island, in 2014 the dates will be similar. The festival revives the former glory of Halmahera as the world’s origin of spices, and acknowledging the island’s abundant natural and cultural wealth.

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