Indonesian man giving lady directions


Indonesia is an amazing country and with its rich culture and friendly people, a few common phrases will go a long way during your stay.

There's a tons of articles out there to help you get your common phrases right, so we've pulled together a few common ones if you're travelling to Indonesia anytime soon.

Linguanaut has a comprehensive list of Indonesian phrases to help you from:
How are you? (Apa kabar?), Thank you (very much)! (Terima kasih (banyak)!) to Good night! (Selamat malam). 

If you're having trouble with the tones of the phrases, there are heaps of videos out there to help.

Another good resource is a site called FluentIn3Months by Benny Lewis who has travel around the world and shares his "life hacks" in language acquisition.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Joan Simon.

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