You're all excited for your magical trip to Indonesia. You're thinking sand, shopping, relaxing by the pool, going on a food safari and taking photos and videos of everything while you're there. Before you jet off, here are a few sites and apps to download before you land.

Indonesia Travel Guide Triposo

A great app for travelling to the largest archipelago in the world. The app can suggest things for you to do. You can create a travel log, obtain info on nightlife and eating out, it contains mini guides for day trips and much more. Available on iOS and Android.

Wi-Fi Finder

Over 650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide! A quick and easy way to find free or paid Wi-Fi, handy when you're travelling and need to upload that quick photo. Available on iOS and Android.


Need we have to say anything? If you're planning any trip, if it's Indonesia, USA, UK or China, the TripAdvisor app is a must have for any traveller. Plan your trip, find hotels, restaurants, attractions and discover people around you. Available on a range of platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


CariYuk, which literally means 'let's search' in Indonesian, is an online directory where business owners can easily post all their business information and provide discount vouchers or coupons. CariYuk aims to help business owners market their stores, products, and services and reach out to more customers in a cheap and effective way.

XE Currency

It's free, it's slick and easy to use, convert the currency you need in seconds to lock in the bargain as you travel. Available on iOS and Android.

These are just a few of the apps available, but great ones to start out with. Safe travels.

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