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Vietnam is a beautiful country with much to do and lots to see. You may think that you can get by with your everyday packing list and tweak it based on the season you’re travelling, but you will find that a bit more planning will go into your trip to Vietnam. You may want to pack items that you didn’t initially think of. Use our guide to plan ahead and make sure your bag is chock full of only the things you need and none of the things that will just take up room.

Sun Gear

Vietnam can have temperatures that soar to 39 degrees around late April. With 75% humidity, it can be quite uncomfortable. If you are visiting during wet season, the rain can come and go in a flash. To be prepared no matter when you are visiting, there are a few pieces you will want to bring along.

Umbrella and Poncho

The poncho will be great for trekking through the country or to keep your hands free. This will be perfect if you get caught in a quick downpour and ponchos are light enough to keep in a backpack or purse while walking around.

An umbrella can be handy for the rain but it also performs double duty during those hot, hazy days when you want to prevent a sunburn or, like the locals, you want to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.


Even if you are taking the umbrella, it can’t hurt to add another layer of sun protection with sunscreen. It may be a good idea to carry a small bottle of sunscreen in your pocket or backpack/purse so you can reapply during the day and prevent your trip from becoming an uncomfortable, sunburn-filled disaster.

Sun-blocking Hat

Pack those ball caps or a floppy sun hat and keep the sun from your eyes all day long. A hat can be the perfect accessory to your outfit while also lending functionality. If you want a more authentic feel, pick up an Asian conical hat, also known as non la, a rice hat, a bamboo hat, or Chinese sombrero. They are generally one-size-fits all and they are usually made out of palm leaves and shaped like a cone that sits atop your head.

Dust Protection

With all of the motorbikes and cars zooming around, there is a lot of dust and other particles swirling around in the air. If you’ll be walking through the city, this dust can be blown right into your face and before you know it, you’re coughing up a storm and a sore throat is a distinct possibility. You may want to bring along a dust mask, commonly worn by the locals, or for more functionality, bring a lightweight scarf that can act as an accessory to your outfit but perform double duty when the dust starts flying.

Proper Footwear

Though you may feel compelled to bring along the runners, leave them behind. Invest instead in some nice rubber soled sandals that will keep you cool while make walking a breeze. If you are planning on going out for dinner or drinks when in Vietnam, don’t forget a pair of nicer shoes for a night out or for wearing into the temples.

Modest or Dressy Clothes

You may have plans to visit a nicer restaurant, so it would be a good idea to bring along something more upscale to wear. You may also want to have something modest to wear if you plan to visit temples, as it is sometimes required when touring.

Money Belt

The larger areas of Vietnam will be crowded with people especially in markets like Ben Thanh, so keep your money and valuables safe with a money belt or some kind of protective gear. You may not even realize that your wallet is missing until you go to reach for it. Cameras and purses may be snatched from right around your neck, so be sure they are tightly secured and out of sight for pickpockets to snag.

The Basics

It goes without saying to make sure you pack all of your basic toiletries and personal gear. Make sure you have enough clothes for your stay. If you want to pack lighter, doing laundry on location is another option. Also, don’t forget to pack an extra change of clothes in your carry-on/backpack/purse just in case your luggage finds its way to another city without you. When you are packing, you’ll also want to leave room for your souvenirs, t-shirts, etc. You will want to buy them and you don’t want to find yourself having to buy an extra bag just to get them home.

Now that your luggage is perfectly packed for a holiday in Vietnam, you need to firm up decisions, make reservations and decide what amazing things you will try in this beautiful country. Protect your decisions and plans with travel insurance from Cover-More. With add-ons like cancellation cover, luggage protection, adventure sports cover, and many more, Cover-More can help make sure your holiday goes smoothly and exactly according to plan.

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