Dan Moore has just returned from the Philippines where he was shooting some video and taking some pics for Cover-More... Here's just some of his amazing photos of this beautiful country. Simply stunning!

Samuel Turner

I’m lying in a hammock suspended between two trees, with a mosquito net above me to keep myself being consumed by insects. My entire lower body aches from climbing, hiking and, admittedly, falling through ten kilometres of dense jungle and caves throughout the day. The soft, sombre sound of rain pattering over my head melodically blends with the crashing sound of the waterfall right next to our camp.

Samuel Turner

I paced down the streets of downtown Hanoi clutching in my hand a damp piece of paper courtesy of the monsoonal rain. On it was scribbled the address of the best local food in town, suggested by my tour guide after I told him I didn’t want Vietnamese food - I wanted food that Vietnamese people ate.

Scott Bidmead

“Here we go!” I yelled, as my raft was pulled towards a gushing waterfall in the middle of the jungle. My stomach lurched, as it careened off the four-metre drop and landed with a thud.

Natalie Hensby

Australians have a long affinity with holidaying in Bali. A cheap and cheerful holiday destination, Bali is a close and convenient option for those seeking an island break. On a recent trip to Bali my sister and I took a few days to wander off the well-worn tourist trail and discover a few secret spots.

Sally Watson

What often happens when I travel is that I endeavour to do and see as much as possible, in every available hour. Sometimes, this can leave me feeling a little burnt out, especially if I am moving from place to place on a tight schedule.

Sally Watson

When planning my travel to Cambodia, I wasn’t sure about including the coastal town of Kep. But my FOMO got the better of me and I decided to spend two nights there. I’m so glad I did.

Sally Watson

There has always been something at the top of my ‘travel fantasy list’ - to stay on a remote island, in a cabin right on the beach. Waking up, within footsteps from clear, warm, aqua water. This dream came true at Saracen Bay, Koh Rong Samloem, Cambodia. Finally, I had found as close as it comes, in today’s world, to paradise.

Stephen Parry

Before we were full time travel bloggers, Jess and I loved planning cheeky weekends away together to get away from the 9 to 5 and find a little adventure. Living in Perth our go to weekend away would have to be Bali.

Jake Rich

Imagine Jackie Chan starring in an Asian sequel to the Hangover. Take away the high consumption of alcohol and add in a couple more weird and wacky experiences and you’ve got yourself 24 hours in Ho Chi Minh City, a.k.a Saigon. Here’s a recap of how I maximised a short amount of time in one of Asia’s most up and coming cities.