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The continent home to the majority of the human population, Asia is the earth’s largest continent with a wide range of languages and religions. From 1 to 1800 A.D. China and India were considered the largest economies in the world and attracted many to the east. Asia consists of 48 UN member countries and 6 other states.

Jody Elliott

Accepting the role of Cover-More’s first medical case manager and brand ambassador in Bali brought mixed emotions: pride, excitement and a little apprehension. For the next three months, for the peak travel season of November to January, I would be leaving Sydney city life behind to experience work and life in Bali.

Heading to Bali or Jakarta anytime soon? We pulled together several restaurants within the Bali and Jakarta area.

Thailand's major cities have a bumping nightlife, and there are many thrilling adventures to be had in the nation's natural landscape. However, older adults visiting Thailand likely want a more subdued experience, so we have some Thailand travel advice for seniors venturing to this destination.

One of the best things about travelling to a foreign country is trying the local flavours, and Thailand offers some of the best (and cheapest!) cuisine out there.

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The Loei province of Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful flora in the nation, and if you enjoy seeing spectacular flowers against the backdrop of breathtaking Thai scenery, then you should start booking a trip to the region today.

Images of Thailand’s exotic and attractive lands are used continuously in Hollywood adaptations as an example of the beauty that can be found in Southwest Asia. But even a hardened traveller will get a chill down their spine as their eyes see the Royal Palace for the first time, their toes sink in Phuket’s warm sand, or they walk through the halls of the Wat Arun Buddhist Temple.

October and November are popular peroids for travellers heading to Indonesia, if you’re heading that way soon and still planning your itinerary, here’s a few images we pulled from Flickr that showcases the wonders of Indonesia.

If you are looking for centuries-old architecture, beautiful white beaches, or exquisite wildlife but are displeased with the touristy destinations like South Africa or Bali, then you will love Sri Lanka. A small island off the coast of India, Sri Lanka is filled with ancient Buddhist temples, ample amounts of wildlife, and exciting architecture that will make for the best photographs you can possibly capture.

Figuring out what to do in India can be an overwhelming task. Every small town, city or state has a never-ending list of things to try your hand at. So how can you pick a few places and experiences out the hundreds of options? Leave it to us!

For a cheap and beautiful summer getaway, consider a last-minute trip to Vietnam. First time visitors: stay safe and informed from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi with our list of travel tips for Vietnam beginners.