Welcome to Asia

The continent home to the majority of the human population, Asia is the earth’s largest continent with a wide range of languages and religions. From 1 to 1800 A.D. China and India were considered the largest economies in the world and attracted many to the east. Asia consists of 48 UN member countries and 6 other states.

Guidebooks can only take you so far. Sometimes you need to leave the book in your room and head out for something a little more local and a lot less touristy. Thailand, like most places, has plenty of opportunities to get off the crowded path. Try navigating the floating markets in Bangkok, or pet a playful tiger in his pen, ride an elephant through the forests and even explore the caves off of Phang Nga Bay. The possibilities are endless, so pick an adventure and start making memories!

Images of Thailand’s exotic and attractive lands are used continuously in Hollywood adaptations as an example of the beauty that can be found in Southwest Asia. But even a hardened traveller will get a chill down their spine as their eyes see the Royal Palace for the first time, their toes sink in Phuket’s warm sand, or they walk through the halls of the Wat Arun Buddhist Temple.

October and November are popular peroids for travellers heading to Indonesia, if you’re heading that way soon and still planning your itinerary, here’s a few images we pulled from Flickr that showcases the wonders of Indonesia.

If you are looking for centuries-old architecture, beautiful white beaches, or exquisite wildlife but are displeased with the touristy destinations like South Africa or Bali, then you will love Sri Lanka. A small island off the coast of India, Sri Lanka is filled with ancient Buddhist temples, ample amounts of wildlife, and exciting architecture that will make for the best photographs you can possibly capture.

If you go beyond the guidebooks, beyond the main tourist attractions, you will discover a part of India that isn’t publicised frequently. Instead of just visiting Kerala, explore the backwaters that locals live on. Instead of just heading to the beach in Goa, take a day trip to Hampi and touch their ruins. Instead of staying in Mumbai, travel to the Ajanta and Ellora caves for a piece of history you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s all off the main road, and some things are hidden, but if you take the time to travel and find them, you will be shocked by the history, architecture and sights you can appreciate in India.

Figuring out what to do in India can be an overwhelming task. Every small town, city or state has a never-ending list of things to try your hand at. So how can you pick a few places and experiences out the hundreds of options? Leave it to us!

In a country with as many personalities, cultures, languages, religions and people as India, it’s difficult to encapsulate the entire country in one photo. But by travelling to these five locations and spotlights, you can attempt to create a fuller picture of the country. Grab your camera and your favourite photography equipment and hit the road to capture the marvel and spectacle that is India.

Located in the heart of Old Delhi, the massive Red Fort rises 33-metres above the noise and life of the city and serves as a strong reminder of the power, magnificence and class of the old Mughal emperors. The Red Fort was built in 1638 and was built to keep invaders out of the city. Today, the needs have changed and instead of warding the city from attacks, it has become a prime spot for tourists and locals alike to visit and explore.

India is an amazing country that's it's difficult to talk about all of it in one post, or see it in one trip. Here are a few highlights that stand out while I'm still on the road taking photos and video.

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