Photo of Bacon & Eggs Breakfast


A full English breakfast is often considered a staple of British cuisine. The meal varies depending on where you order it (both regionally and by establishment), but most often includes bacon, sausage, eggs and beans.

This heavy meal used to be a normal meal for daily consumption, helping to sustain workers through a long morning, but these days it is reserved for special occasions or weekends, especially to help the morning after a pub outing. It is an experience you must have while visiting in England and you’ll want to make sure you have the very best. Use our guide of where to get the best English breakfast in London to make sure you have the best meal experience.

Regency Café

The Regency Café is a staple establishment in London. It first opened in 1946 and in more recent years was voted the fifth best restaurant in London. Decorated in black-tiled-art-deco style, much of the restaurant is original. One of the cheapest brekkies in London, you can get the works of the full English for only £6 and for less than £1 more you can add the fluffiest hash browns in the city.

The Breakfast Club

You can’t go to a place named The Breakfast Club and have a terrible meal. With six, you’re sure to find one of these amazing restaurants no matter where you are staying. For £10 you can get the Full Monty, which consists of bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs, home-styled fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans, grilled tomatoes and toasted multigrain bloomer. Talk about the Full Monty. Don’t come to The Breakfast Club without a big appetite and a love for the ’80s. Yep, this restaurant is based on thatBreakfast Club’. You’ll find all sorts of deco and events geared towards the decade.

The Wolseley

Located right in Piccadilly, next to the Ritz Hotel, this famous restaurant is housed in the building originally constructed as Wolseley Motors before it became a branch of Barclays Bank from 1929-99. After extensive renovation, The Wolseley opened as its current state in 2003. You can experience a no-frills English brekkie to die for here, aptly named The English. This meal includes your choice of fried, poached, or scrambled eggs with bacon, sausage, baked beans, tomato, black pudding, and mushrooms. They also have a la carte options if you want to add more eggs or a grapefruit.

We won’t blame you if you decide to try breakfast at each of these restaurants while on your holiday to London–it sounds like the ideal morning to us. Get started planning your trip and don’t forget travel insurance to keep yourself, your family, and your valuables protected.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Magnus D; cropped from original