One of the most exciting things about visiting the UK is the opportunity to drink in its rich history. The large, stone castles that dot this region are relics that allow visitors to travel back in time, so here are three you should definitely include on your 'must-see list'.

Caernarforn Castle.

In Gwynedd, Wales, sits an impressive castle that stands apart from others you'll see in the UK. Caernarforn has polygonal towers, colour-coordinated stones and massive grounds that adults and children alike will enjoy exploring.

The castle was built under the reign of Edward I, and it was the birthplace of his son, the First Prince of Wales, in 1284.

Edinburgh Castle.

Photo of Edinburgh Castle, UK


If you want to go way, way back in time, head to Edinburgh, Scotland, to visit the city's castle. This famous site dates way back to the Bronze Age - the rock on which it sits shows evidence of a man living there way back in 850 BC. The first settlement on the rock was built more than 2,000 years ago.

The castle that stands there today has played a big part in history. For example, it was there that Queen Margaret, who was later deemed a saint, passed away from an alleged broken heart following the news of her husband's death in 1093.

Warwick Castle.

This castle is one of the best maintained in the UK - in fact, more than £6,000,000 has been spent in restoration efforts over the last decade alone.

Today, the castle hosts a range of events that delight visitors. For example, the castle offers families the opportunity to do some medieval 'glamping', which stands for 'glamorous camping'. You can stay overnight at the castle in a tent equipped with battery-powered lights, air beds and sheepskin throws to keep you warm.

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