Jessica Valentine

Ahhh, Paris. The city of love. When thinking of where we should spend our anniversary during our travels through Europe, there was clearly no other choice then to spend it in Paris.

visit the Eiffel Tower


Paris has always been at the top of our bucket list and we were finally here, ticking off some major travel goals of ours.

During our few short days there we made it our mission to see and do as much as possible, not wanting to miss a thing.

If you find yourself in this amazing city with only a day or two to take in everything Paris has to offer, here is what we recommend you do and see that simply cannot be missed!

Go up the Eiffel Tower

This had to be at the top of our list. You may only ever be in Paris once so do not miss out on the opportunity to take in the views from the top of one of the most iconic buildings in the world. Going up the Eiffel Tower, however, can take up a lot of time – the lines can go on for hours.

The key is to plan ahead. If you know well in advance when you will be visiting Paris then we suggest buying your ticket to the Eiffel Tower in advance here. With this ticket you can go straight to the queue for people with tickets, on the date and time you chose when booking.

If you want to beat the queue completely we highly recommend finding a skip the line tour, were you can be escorted in a small group, allowing you to completely skip the line and head straight up to the top of the Eiffel Tower!

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Take a day trip to visit the Palace of Versailles

Possibly one of the most well-known palaces in the world, The Palace of Versailles is a place you do not want to miss during a trip to Paris. Though it stood through three kings and a revolution, the beauty and magnificence of the palace and its gardens remain intact.

To get here you will need to catch a 30 minute train from the city of Paris to Versailles. From there it is a short walk from the Versailles station to the palace.

Walking into the Palace, it was more regal and lavish than we ever could imagine. Enormous canopied beds, exquisite artwork, marbled walls, and gold in every direction you look. After visiting here it’s easy to see why the French felt resentful of the privilege enjoyed by the aristocracy, which began the revolution.

Explore the Palace of Versailles

Hire a bike and explore the city by night

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities we have ever travelled to, and at night it becomes one of the most magical. With a crisp chill in the air we rugged up with jackets, gloves and a beanie to keep our ears warm before renting some bikes and setting off on a moonlit journey through the city of love.

Nothing has taken our breath away more than watching the sun go down in France and seeing the city of Paris light up.

We witnessed The Eiffel Tower sparkling over the city, Notre dame illuminating the streets and the Louvre pyramid glowing with barely anyone in sight … trust us when we say it is absolutely magical to see this city with the stars out.

Explore Paris by night

Visit Notre Dame

Of all the stunning churches, monuments and museums spread across Paris there is only one site you simply cannot miss – The Notre Dame.

Entry is free so get there early to avoid the crowds, doors open from 8am every morning. When entering you will want to go in a loop right around the entire interior to see all of the stained glass windows, and you especially do not want to miss seeing the South Rose Window – it’s a beauty.

We cannot stress enough how amazing it is to go up the bell towers – please do it! The bell tower is separate to the actual church, with the entrance located outside the left side of the cathedral. It costs €8.50 to go up the 387 stairs to the top for some of the best views in all of Paris (yes, that is a lot of stairs!). While up there make sure you go up the extra staircase to see the giant bells that ring every hour on the hour.

Visit Notre Dame

Be big kids and spend a day at Disneyland Paris

This may be a little different to other recommendations you have come across, but if you are a lover of all things Disney and theme parks then you do not want to miss the opportunity to check out Disneyland with a French touch.

There is nothing quite like seeing and hearing your favourite Disney characters speaking and singing in French!

We spent our actual anniversary (on Halloween) at the Paris Disneyland and it made the day that much more unforgettable.



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