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Germany definitely has no shortage of great accommodations, especially budget-friendly hostels. These hostels are great alternatives to hotels, and many are more luxurious than you might typically expect. Here are some of the best hostels found throughout Germany that allow you to enjoy your visit while keeping your budget on track.


Circus Hostel

The Circus Hostel in central Berlin offers travellers the choice of either a dorm or a single room. While both sound inviting, the best option is the two quiet and airy rooftop apartments. Both apartments are fully furnished, with a small kitchen, bathroom and balcony, staying in one of these is like renting your own private suite for the trip, just minus the cost. Circus Hostel is more than just their exquisite living accommodations, this hostel offers top-notch service, airport pick-ups, bike, care and Segway rentals and organized walking tours. 

Cost: Enjoy a stay at the Circus Hostel for A$115 to A$450.

Eastern Comfort Hostelboat

This boat turned hostel is located on the river Spree. Unlike any other hostel you can stay in, the Eastern Comfort Hostelboat will literally rock you to sleep. With 25 cabins ranging from a 2nd class dorm to a private room in first class, any budget can work at this hostel, and even though the rooms are fairly small, the unique atmosphere definitely makes up for it. Wake up to a view of Germany right outside your porthole.

Cost: Book a room at the Eastern Comfort Hostelboat for A$23 to A$130.

A&O Hostel

The A&O Hostel is walking distance to the famous shopping district of Kudamm in the West of Berlin. Not only can you stay steps away from endless stores and cafes, but this hostel is always incredibly close to the city’s main train station, making it easy to get to and from. If you are taking a late train into Berlin, simply walk over to A&O Hostel, and one of their several rooms will most definitely be able to accommodate you. While paying for a hostel, you will feel like you are staying in a five-star hotel as you enjoy the two bars, rooftop terrace and several lounge areas.

Cost: Spend no more than $A22 on a room at the A&O Hostel


Meininger Hostel

The Meininger Hostel is the perfect place to stay if you are travelling on budget but still looking to experience Oktoberfest in all its glory. This hostel is close to the venue of Munich’s most famous fall festival, granting visitors the ability to being able to walk to and from the Oktoberfest tents, and avoid the loud and rambunctious public transportation. When you return home from a day of drinking and eating bratwurst at Oktoberfest, relax on the rooftop terrace and enjoy the panoramic view of the Alps.

Cost: Stay at the Meininger Hostel for anywhere between A$30 to A$225.

Wombat’s Hostel

Located right next to the central train station of Munich, Wombat’s hostel offers dorms and private doubles for their guests. The rooms are spacious, simple and clean, and on top of the wonderful amenities, all of the best landmarks of Munich’s old city centre are within walking distance. Wombat’s hostel is ideal for those getting to Munich late, and in need of a hostel quickly, as well as for those who are only in Munich for a short period and do not want to waste time travelling to and from the city centre.

Cost: Enjoy your trip to Munich with a stay at the Wombat’s Hostel for A$30 to A$150.

Easy Palace City Hostel

While being incredibly close to the Oktoberfest venue, Easy Palace City Hostel is surprisingly located in a very quiet area of Munich. While slightly further from the old city centre than other hostels, there is still easy access to public transportation. However, considering this hostel features their own Bavarian beer tastings, has a cocktail bar and a restaurant located on premises, there is not much more you need to venture to the city centre for.

Cost: To stay at the Easy Palace City Hostel you could spend anywhere between A$90 to A$2000.


The Frankfurt Hostel

The Frankfurt Hostel has a perfect location, it is right across the Central Train Station. Not only is the Frankfurt Hostel easy to find and easy to get to, but there are several inexpensive restaurants and cafes also found in this area—perfect for those travelling on a budget. The Frankfurt Hostel can accommodate all sorts of travellers with dorms, double and single rooms, and where else can you find a hostel that offers a free breakfast buffet?

Cost: Enjoy a night at the Frankfurt Hostel for A$20 to A$350.

Haus der Jugend

The Haus der Jugend or the House of Youth—which actually welcomes guests of all ages—is situated on the banks of the Main River. This simplistic Frankfurt hostel features dormitories for up to ten people, double rooms and single rooms, as well as several large common areas with unbelievable views of the city’s skyline. This hostel also organizes many Frankfurt sight-seeing tours, boat tours and pub crawls for guests to get their fair share of the Frankfurt lifestyle.

Cost: Spend from A$15 to A$70 to stay at the Haus der Jugend

5 Elements Hostel

The 5 Elements Hostel is walking distance from Frankfurt’s Central Train Station, and offers dormitories and private rooms, and even furnished apartments for up to four people. Also, definitely look to stay in this hostel if you are travelling during the summer because it is one of few that offers air condition in all its rooms. Not only will you get a cool night sleep, but feel free to participate in activities like city walks, pub nights and hostel parties.

Cost: Book a room at the 5 Elements Hostel for A$25 to A$1000.


Backpackers St. Pauli

Backpackers St. Pauli is located on a quiet side street of Hamburg’s nightlife quarter. It is a stone-throw’s away from the legendary Reeperbahn, which is Hamburg’s red light district. Take your pick from over 10 rooms, some even with a balcony, and meet fellow travellers at the hostel bar with outdoor seating.

Cost: Spend no more than $A50 on a room at the Backpackers St. Pauli

Youth Hostel ‘Auf dem Stintfang’

This youth hostel is very close to Hamburg’s famous pier, port and fish market and might be the hostel with some of the most magnificent views in all of Germany. Nearly all of the room, including the large open-air terrace open up to the harbour and waterfront, where the water-side sites are hard to come by elsewhere.

Cost: This youth hostel will cost you starting from A$30.


Pathpoint Hostel

Pathpoint Hostel is definitely one of a kind. Set in a former church, this hostel opened up in 2010, while still preserving the old-school atmosphere. The century-old building has been renovated and the rooms, kitchen and common areas are very comfortable and inviting. There is a small garden where guests are welcome to barbeque and enjoy time outdoors. This hostel is a perfect starting point to explore the city because you can walk to Cologne’s Central train station in about five minutes, or head directly to the top sights and attractions as well.

Cost: A night at the Pathpoint Hostel averages at A$30

Station Hostel Backpackers

Station Hostel Backpackers is ideally located literally around the corner of Cologne’s Central train station and the Cologne Cathedral. Choose from a dorm, double room or even a single room with a private bathroom. This hostel is particularly note-worthy because unlike many hostels, Station Hostel Backpackers boasts fixed room rates, so when Cologne celebrates festivals or hosts large events, the prices at this hostel remain the same year round.

Cost: Book a room at the Station Hostel Backpackers for A$45 to A$160.

404 Hostel

A stay at the 404 Hostel is like staying at your grandmothers. This hostel is homey, cosy and located in a small residential neighbourhood of Cologne. The area is quiet, safe and very fairy-tale like. Only a 10 minute walk to the nearest supermarkets and restaurants, the 404 Hostel is an ideal location for those looking to truly live like a local during their time in Cologne.

Cost: Stay at the 404 Hostel for anywhere between A$25 to A$45.

While these are some of the best hostels to stay at in Germany, you still have to take extra care to secure your valuables if you don’t have a private room. Cover your devices and belongings with international travel insurance

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