Pia Marsh

In the past few years, the world’s attention has slowly shifted more and more towards Scandinavia’s second largest capital city – and for good reason. Copenhagen is wonderful.

It’s the perfect merger of old and new, with so much colour and culture, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was too good to be true.

The culture is rich, the people are cool, and the Danish knack for style and design extends much farther than a love of monochrome and minimalist furnishings.

Perhaps I’m a little bias – I’ve grown up with Copenhagen as big part of my life and have no qualms in confessing my undying love for the city. Aside from the typical tourist hot spots of Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid, there are many other places worth visiting on your trip to Copenhagen.

The city is a gourmands dream come true, and there is no shortage of places to indulge in a bit of shopping or a night on the town.

My best advice: hire a bike and navigate the city the way the locals do.

Here are a few musts and unmissables for your trip to Copenhagen:


Rather surprisingly, this brightly coloured square nestled deep within the centre of the city’s busiest streets remains something of a hidden secret.  Gråbrødretorv is home to a handful of great restaurants and eateries, as well as being one of prettiest spots in Copenhagen. Try restaurant Peder Oxe for traditional Danish smørrebrød or a hearty meal.

This brightly coloured square is one of the city’s hidden secrets

Wulff & Konstali

Arguably the most Instagrammed brunch spot in Copenhagen, Wulff & Konstali dishes up one of the best hangover spreads in town. With two locations across the city, it’s a popular local hang out judged by the lengthy queue outside. My tip is to get there early in the morning or during the week for your best chance in scoring a table. For a reasonable price, you can put together your own breakfast with all the favourites – bacon, waffles, fresh yoghurt and muesli etc. If the brunch doesn’t tickle your fancy, indulge in the pastries. They change lives.

Wulff & Konstali dishes up some of the best food in town.

The Bird and the Churchkey

This quirky East London-style basement bar serves up over fifty different types of beer and twenty perfectly executed G&T concoctions. It’s dark and cosy and takes the undefinable Danish term of ‘hygge’ to a whole new level.

Assistens Kirkegaard

It is not often that I would volunteer to hang out in a cemetery, but Assistens Kirkegaard is an exception to the rule. With its towering trees and manicured gardens, the cemetery is the burial site for a number of Danish notables and draws visitors every season of the year.

It’s the perfect place for a picnic in the summer or a stroll in the winter.

Discover Copenhagen's hidden treasures

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

If art museums are your thing, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek holds an impressive collection of modern and antique sculpture art from all over the world. Art fan or not, it’s worth a visit – even just to appreciate the stunning gardens and displays of greenery throughout the museum. A little hint for those on a budget: if you go on Tuesdays, entry is free.

Enjoy the stunning gardens throughout the museum

Neighbourhood Pizza

Munch on a modern interpretation of the Italian pizza at Neighbourhood’s organic gourmet pizza and cocktail bar – and my favourite date spot in town.

It’s Copenhagen’s trendy take on Italian cuisine, complete with dim lighting, candles and vinyl tunes.

When I was there I couldn’t go past the pumpkin sour cocktail and the fig ham pizza. A little dessert never goes astray either.

Atelier September

This quaint little café on Gothersgade in inner Copenhagen is just as much a photo opportunity as it is a place to get your morning coffee. Do like the locals and order the avocado toast and read the morning paper whilst watching life pass you by on the street ahead.

Atelier September is one of the best coffee spots in the city

Things you should know 

  • The Danish word ’hygge’ is hard to explain and even harder to pronounce, but as a key part of Danish culture it’s an important word to know. Roughly translating to the concept of 'cosiness', hygge is anything from the warm glow of candlelight to sharing a drink with your friends. 
  • Don't be fooled - The Little Mermaid is not as worthy a tourist attraction as one might initially think. Take a trip to Tivoli or the Royal palace of Amalienborg for your share of touristing.
  • Copenhagen is also home to four-time-winner of the 'Best Restaurant in the World' award - Noma. Check it out, if you are willing to stick out the three month waiting list that comes with a trip to the exquisite eatery. 

Pia is a freelance journalist and writer, originally from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and now permanently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She writes about her travels (and her undying love for Scandinavia) at www.piamarsh.dk  Instagram: pialoui

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