Diocletian's Palace, Croatia


The list of things to see in a country as varied as Croatia is nearly endless. But there are a sights you absolutely must see while on holiday in Croatia. Explore magnificent beaches and colorful forests, learn about the history of the country, walk the walls of their cities and hop from island to island, all while taking in the unique and eye-catching Croatian architecture.

Diocletian's Palace

Found in Split, Diocletian's Palace is a sight to behold. Built by the Roman emperor Diocletian himself to prepare for his retirement in 305 AD, it is a magnificent building with a sloping view of the ocean. Because of its immense history and cultural importance the palace and the surrounding city of Split were both named as UNESCO's World Heritage Monuments. As the world's most complete Roman palace it holds a special spot in Mediterranean and European heritage.

Visit the palace and take in all the architectural mastery and history and then wander through the markets and stores that have become a part of the palace and its ambiance. If you are too busy to make it inside the structure, glance at the back of the Croatian 500 kuna banknote to see a sketch of the Palace, permanently displayed on their currency.

City Walls & Forts

Dubrovnik is a delightful city to settle in for a night, week or more. Its countless buildings to explore and city center ideal for relaxing and people watching make it a fantastic spot to holiday. What sets this old city apart from many others are the extensive and well-kept city walls that surround the fine city of Dubrovnik. Pay a small fee and gain entrance to the best views of the city. You will take in the sea, the rolling hills and the small city that rests between these two climes.

The walls you will be walking along were built in the 13th century to protect Dubrovnik from any attacks via land or seas. Then in the 15th century, after a threat of a Turk invasion, Dubrovnik was prompted to fortify their existing walls to be extra cautious and protected against attacks. Enjoy your walk around the perimeter of the old city and imagine yourself as a tower guard in the 15th century protecting your homestead against the invading peoples.

Island Hopping

If spending a day on the water is more your speed, Croatia has a number of places for you to do just that! Take your pick from over 1,100 islands dotting the coastline and see just how diverse their beaches and terrain can be. From the shiny white pebbles of Lokrum beach to the silky smooth sand beaches of Punta Rata, Croatia's islands offer endless relaxation and rest for the tired traveller.

Pretend to be famous and rent a boat as you throw on shades, grab a towel and good book and hop from one stunning island to the next. Don't forget to try their seafood while you are there too—reviewed as some of the best in the world. Octopus and squid are popular among residents of Croatia, and you will find many salads and pasta dishes that incorporate these two types of seafood into their menu. If that doesn't strike your fancy, you will also have your choice of fresh tuna, shrimp, museels, cod, clams, catfish and more! There's a fresh seafood dish waiting for you in almost every part of Croatia. Read more about the specialties Croatians serve their guests in our post here .

Trakošćan Castle

If you trek up to Northern Croatia—the landlocked section of the country—you won't be disappointed by the array of history that can be found. One such attraction is the Trakoscan Castle that was built in the 13th century. The white brick fortress is located near Krapina, Croatia and was first used as an observation fortress. Since then it has served many purposes (guard tower, war fortress, residential manor, etc.), and has fallen into disuse. Recently, many efforts have been made to restore this castle to its former glory; through reconstruction visitors can easily get an idea of how stately Trakoscan was, and still is.

Pack your bags and keep this list in your back pocket and you are sure to visit all the "must see" destinations in Croatia. To protect your holiday and to expect the unexpected get international travel insurance with Cover-More Travel Insurance today! Compare our plans online and get a quote today.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Adam Baker.