Photo of Croatia Landscape


Croatia is a land of beauty and bounty and recently has started to get attention for its gorgeous landscapes, welcoming people and delicious seafood. In fact, Croatia's popularity has been growing for over a decade as more and more visitors spread the word about this small but flourishing Mediterranean country. As it began the process of applying for membership to the EU, Croatia slowly reinvented itself to become a fledgling tourist hotspot with the potential to become one of the great travel destinations.

Now there are a growing numbers of people visiting its 1,100 islands, its 1,880 km of coastline and its varied types of landscape. From forests to snow-capped mountains to breathtaking beaches, Croatia offers something for everyone.

The peaceful small village hamlets intermix with the charming, hectic and energetic city centers. Together, you will feel a connection to the people who live here, and more times than not, visitors feel a sense of togetherness, and of being at home. There is a casual, laidback Mediterranean vibe that permeates Croatia's personality that allows holiday-goers a chance to breathe out their stress, breathe in the salty air and unwind.

Visit any of the country's major cities and you will find a clash of old world architecture (walk across Dubrovnik's Old City Walls) with current cultural landmarks (make sure to visit the fascinating Sea Organ in Zadar). It isn't often a war torn country can rebuild and recover so quickly, but in Croatia's case, it has come back bigger and better than ever, embracing its long history and sharing its traditions and festivals with any and all who care to join in the celebrations.

Often called "the new Riviera" by travel writers visiting its shores, Croatia offers endless opportunities for fun, indulgence, relaxation and happiness. You may choose to hop from island to island exploring the diverse and colorful islands that dot the coastline of Croatia. Or perhaps you would prefer to walk through Croatia's forests on the hunt for elusive and expensive white truffles. Or, maybe you enjoy exploring the divine and sumptuous seafood-heavy cuisine that fills the plates and stomachs of native Croatians.

No matter what the occasion, Croatia is an enchanting, and often overlooked option, for your next Mediterranean vacation. Because it is an up and coming destination hotspot, because it is incredibly similar to many popular Italian destinations and because of the cultural renaissance Croatia is experiencing, travelers can find surprisingly affordable costs for travelling to the coast…or anywhere else in the country.

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