You’ll be able to relax in a town and adjust your schedule based on whether you like a spot or not. Travelling in a campervan affords you and yours the ultimate flexibility, as there are no tickets or schedules to restrain you, just the time you spend behind the wheel. Here are a few tips and suggestions for travellers looking to explore Spain by campervan!

Tips about Taking a Campervan Through Spain:

Learn a little of the local language.

Learning a little of the language for the place you are visiting will make a big difference in the way that people treat you. If you learn the basics, you’ll be much better off than assuming the people you approach speak English. It’s inevitable that you will need help at some point during your journey and speaking their language can be exactly the icebreaker needed to get help from someone. If you are planning to head to small towns and villages, assume that English will not be spoken widely and prepare for it by packing a Spanish phrasebook with you.

Get roadmaps and/or GPS unit.

Having good road maps or a GPS unit is essential to your campervan holiday. If you get stuck, or don’t have satellite reception, having a high-quality road atlas will get you back on track and you will be able to navigate out of a tricky scenario.

Do Research.

Before you leave Australia, be sure to do some research about the regions you want to visit. Remember that looking at a map and actually driving from spot to spot will often be a totally different experience as it’s hard to be able to predict the landscape, the traffic, the roads and any other number of inconveniences that can pop up on the road. If you take the time to learn about the regions, read up on other’s comments about their trek through the region and more, you’ll be better prepared for your campervan holiday. During your research be sure to find out about the typical weather, water, festivals that are going on and anything else that may affect your visit to the region.

Know your Vehicle Dimensions.

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an often overlooked piece of information that is very important to anyone trying to camp throughout Spain. Measure the height and length of your vehicle and keep the information on hand in the cab. Inevitably during your road travels, you will come across a narrow gap or a low bridge and if you already know the dimensions of your vehicle, it will save you a lot of trouble and embarrassment. Don’t rely on manufacturer’s details as they can be wrong, and physically measure your campervan yourself—you may have additions that change the original dimensions.

Know the Laws.

The road laws will vary between countries and some countries, like Spain, will require you to carry equipment with you that may not be a part of your normal supply. In Spain you are required to carry a reflective vest for the driver and for each passenger in case there is a breakdown and you have to wait beside your car for help. You are also required to carry 2 red warning triangles per car and have an extra set of spare lamps/bulbs for your car and the tools to change them. If you find yourself facing a vehicle breakdown, or if the police stop you, be sure to put the reflective jacket on to avoid facing a fine.

Now that you are fully prepared to take a campervan through Spain, it’s time to finalise your plans. While tickets aren’t a major part of your holiday and it does afford incredible flexibility, there is one policy you will need to buy before you leave: international travel insurance from Cover-More. Taking out the right worldwide travel insurance might save you and your family thousands of dollars from emergency medical bills, the cost of a medical evacuation from a remote area—or other unforeseen costs that could be covered.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Grey World.