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Aside from the history, culture and fantastic cuisine, Germany is justly famous for their beer. All over this country you will find packed microbreweries and brewpubs, rowdy beer halls and beer gardens, and a beer tap at nearly every restaurant. While beer is not hard to come by in Germany, Cover-More has compiled a list of the best places throughout this region where you can sit down and enjoy a cold one. Just make sure to drink responsibly.
































As home to world renowned Oktoberfest, you can bet that this city has some of the best German beer to offer. No visit to Munich would be complete without a stop at an unruly beer hall or family beer garden, and there are plenty of places to choose from. If you are looking for an authentic ‘beer experience’ in Munich, your best option are the traditional beer halls, which are indoors, and beer gardens, that are held outdoors.
















The Hofbräuhaus
















The Hofbräuhaus is the most popular beer hall in Munich, and any holiday in Munich must include a visit to this famous Oktoberfest site. Aside from being a tourist-favourite, this beer hall is also one of the most traditional and authentic places to sip on a full litre of beer.
































If you are holidaying to Munich during the summer than a visit to Waldwirtschaft is a must. Often referred to as ‘WA-WI’, this beer garden is a cosy place in the southern suburbs of Munich. Aside from being able to sit outside during the remarkable German summer weather, Waldwirtschaft offers live jazz music on the weekends along with traditional food stalls. This is the ideal place to enjoy a pilsner and German sausage. 
















Augustiner Bräustuben
















This massive beer hall is definitely a place to visit for those looking to escape the tourist crowds. Augustiner Bräustuben is off the beaten track and provides an entertaining atmosphere with great beer and cheap food. Easily one of the most authentic beer halls, you will appreciate the freshly brewed Augustiner draught beer from wooden barrels paired with their typical Bavarian dishes.
































Nuremberg is the capital of Franconia, and is a very interesting and beautiful city to visit even if you are not a beer lover. But if are you, you have come to the right place.
















Hausbraurei Altstadthof
















Hausbraurei Altstadthof is a brewery and restaurant all in one and the most ideal spot if you are looking to pair your traditional German beer with classic German cuisine. One of the most popular places in all of Nuremberg, this microbrewery and pub was founded in 1984 and dedicates itself to producing Nuremberg’s original beer specialities including everything from a Red Beer, Easter Gold to a Nürnberger Sommerbier.
















Tiergartnertor Platz
















Day or night, Tiergartnertor Platz is a great place to come and hang out with the locals. During the summer, the place really livens up, as people gather here early and stay late. Enjoy either the house-brewed light or dark beer, and take in the authentic beer garden atmosphere at this Nuremberg hot spot.
































Beer definitely has a special place in German culture and Stuttgart is home to some very unique beer gardens. If you are looking to enjoy classic German beer in a different setting, Stuttgart is the place for you to visit.
































Located outside the city centre, Stadtstrand is definitely for the more mellow folk. Rather than your typical beer garden, sand, sun umbrellas and tiki torches take the place of greenery and cobblestone. However, a cold beer and an open atmosphere add a very special beer garden touch. While stopping by, make sure you check out the on-site beach volleyball courts.
















Biergarten im Schlossgarten
















This beer garden goes to great lengths to liven up the German summer experience with an array of live music offered throughout the week. Located at the edge of Stuttgart’s central Schlosspark, Biergarten im Schlossgarten falls in line with the more traditional beer garden code by allowing visitors to bring their own food. The surrounding greenery definitely sets the scene, but do not be surprised if a large screen obstructs your view if events like the Euro and World Cup are on.
































Köln, or Cologne, is a beautiful old town, almost fairy-tale like, that offers many classic locations in which to enjoy a classic Cologne beer. This German town actually produces their own beer called Kolsch, which is a light bodied, golden ale made with delicious German malts, hops and a special, top fermenting yeast. Likened to many Continental pilsners, however, Kolsch sets itself apart by displaying fruity hints. Cologne locals are very loyal to their famous beer, and look forward to gathering at their favourite pubs in old town to socialize and sip on a refreshing glass of Kolsch.
















Fruh am Dom
















Fruh am Dom is a large, cavernous pub dear the Dom cathedral. A perfect spot to stop by after a long day of sight-seeing, head down to the gorgeous cellar for a big plate of pork and an even bigger glass of Kolsch. Since 1904, numerous visitors have experienced and raved about the brewery on the ground floor, the restaurant, breakfast lounge and outdoor beer garden all located within Fruh am Dom.
































Gaffel produces one of the best known examples of Kolsch, and on top of their famous hoppy beer, Gaffel-Haus also offers guests a menu of hearty, local food. If you are looking to experience all the culinary delights of Cologne, then this is the place for you to stop by. Located close to the station in the centre of town, this pub is a wonderful place to sit down at after a long day of travelling.
































The Paffgen brewery is one of very few remaining breweries that used to popular Cologne in the last century. The date of this brewery is most definitely evident in the décor and atmosphere. This rustic, and traditional Brauhaus offers some of the best Kolsch in the town, and watching the beer being brewed from your own seat is definitely a plus.
































During its time as the Capital of the German Empire in the late 19th century, Berlin was already home to some of the country’s largest and most influential beer breweries. On top of several breweries, Berlin is also home to a number of micro-brewery pubs, and several traditional beer gardens. To top of your tours of historic Berlin, make sure you stop by a local hot spot for a sip of authentic German beer.
















Brauhaus Georgbräu
















Located in the Nikolai Quarter of Berlin, this beer bar boasts indoor seating for over 280 guests. As if that is not enough, the outdoor beer garden, situated on the Spree river banks can hold over 400 people. Locally known brew master Oliver Kaßan brews approximately 1500 hectolitres of Georg Pils here annually. Beer has been served at Brauhaus Georgbräu since 1992, paired with their freshly made, German dishes.
















Zur Letzten Instanz
















Zur Letzten Instanz is Berlin’s oldest restaurant and pub, dating back to 1621, so if you are in Berlin to experience the history, this should most definitely be a stop on your tour. Entering this eatery is like travelling back to the 17th century, from their décor to the food. This old-fashion restaurant offers a variety of typical German food, as well as a hearty English menu for those diners who have had enough bratwurst.
































Dresden is a German city that looks like a city straight from the pre-World War II era. The capital of Saxony is a lively fusion of architectural treasures and historic monuments, alongside rowdy pubs and hearty German cuisine. A visit to Dresden will guarantee a taste of traditional German beer, and even more importantly, a truly authentic German experience.
















Watkze Ball & Brauhaus
















Have a heart Saxon lunch at this 114 year old restaurant, ballroom and brewery located directly on the waterfront. Aside from their incredible regional specialties such as pork neck in beer sauce, Watkze Ball & Brauhaus boasts some of the best house brews in this area. During the summer, feel free to dine on your meal and sip on your beer in the lively beer garden set on the banks of the Elbe.
















Any international holiday requires travel insurance, so be sure to purchase your protection before you go. However, remember that any incident involving alcohol will most likely not be covered by your coverage, so be sure to read the policy.
















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