Currywurst mit Pommes from Germany


‘Hast du Hunger’—are you hungry? You better be if you are planning a trip to Germany. This European country has an endless amount of some of the richest and most delicious dishes for your try. Here are seven foods and drinks you cannot leave the country without tasting.

Wiener Schnitzel

Of course, if you are travelling to Germany you have to try Wiener Schnitzel, which is often referred to as Germany’s ‘national speciality,’ even though this famous food is originally from Austria. You can find this classic German dish of fried meat, typically veal, in nearly all restaurants. Normally you will be served your order of Wiener Schnitzel with a side of fries and a lemon wedge to add more flavour, although in more traditional German eateries, your order will be paired with potato and cucumber salad.

Cost: Aside from the flavour, one of the best things about this classic cuisine is that it will generally cost you very little and normally won’t exceed A$15.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cake is the ultimate dessert for a chocolate-lover. Rolled up with cream, cherries and chocolate, this unique and delicious cake is one of the ultimate German treats. While the Black Forest Cake is often assumed to be named after the Black Forest region and mountain range, it actually got its name from the special Schwarzwalder Kirschwasser. This specialty liquor is an essential ingredient, and in fact, many Germans say that a cake can only be marketed as a Black Forest Cake if this ingredient is used in the dessert.

Cost: A serving of Black Forest Cake is so special not only because of its delectableness and cultural significance, but because of the portion size. For an average of only A$5, an order of this traditional dessert is most definitely worth it, considering most travellers find it impossible to finish their serving.

The Döner Kebab

The Döner Kebab is Germany’s favourite fast food, even if it did not originate in this country. This beloved street food has gained massive popularity thanks to the large immigrant Turkish population who brought it with them here. Enjoy a soft and hearty bread pocked filled with pork or chicken, shredded cabbage, carrots, tomato, cucumbers and various other ingredients. This taste bud pleaser is the perfect lunch meal, especially when you can easily buy one at several street vendors.

Cost: Grab this delicious, street-food staple nearly anywhere in Germany for only A$5.

German Bier

A trip to Germany is definitely not complete without a taste of authentic German Bier. Germans are very proud of their beer, and rightfully so—in fact, most villages even have their own local brewery. German beer is especially famous because of the Oktoberfest, which is based in Munich during September and October. Beer is such a big part of German culture and there are several styles to choose from, but be sure to ask for a Pils, which is the most frequently ordered, for a true taste of German Bier.

Cost: Germans drink beer almost as often as they do water, so it is understandable that beer only costs around A$4.


Currywust is a common German dish and definitely something to bite into during your holiday. For generations, citizens of Hamburg, Berlin and Ruhrgebiet have been debating over which town is home to the best currywurst. This meaty dish is compiled of traditional German sausage—a food that in itself is a truly unique dining experience—but to make things even better, the sausage is served in bun and covered in a fantastic curry sauce, typically made with spiced ketchup or tomato paste and then topped with curry power. This scrumptious German dish is often served with French fries and makes for a quick snack in the midst of all your sightseeing.

Cost: The cost of Currywurst can vary throughout the country, but it normally sells for around A$6.

The Real German Bretzel

You may have had a soft pretzel here and there, but nothing beats an honest German Bretzel. It is not hard to find them either, with bakeries and cafes lining the German streets. Stopping for one of these delectable snacks will end up being a part of your daily routine. German pretzels are unique because before the dough is baked, it is covered with a special pretzel ‘sauce’ that gives the pretzel its unique colour and flavour. Try one of these staples with sausage and wash it down with a pint of beer for a true, German dining experience.

Cost: Pretzels are found all throughout the country and some of the best of these baked goods can be purchased from street vendors, so don’t expect to spend more than A$5 for your pretzel.

The Wurstsalat

Germans love their sausage so much, they even made a ‘salad’ out of it. Otherwise known as Wurstsalat, this sausage salad is typically made of pork sausage and is covered in a tart dressing prepared with distilled white vinegar, oil and onions. Often served with bread or French fries, it is not something to dismiss without a taste. While this essential German dish may not sound or look very appetizing, this cold dish is definitely a must-try dish for all tourists.

Cost: This lunch time meal or afternoon snack, Wurstsalat will not cost you any more than A$8.

With the variety of amazing dishes to try while holidaying in Germany, all self-control should be thrown aside during your trip. However, if too much German beer and bratwurst leads to an upset stomach and a trip to the local hospital, be prepared with travel health insurance to cover your medical bills.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Golf Resort Achental Team; cropped from original.