Pictures help tell the story of the places you visit, the things you see and the things you do. Taking a great picture can be luck of the draw, or if photography is a skill of yours, can be planned to a T. There is no shortage of beautiful things to photograph in France; architecture, people, busy streets, parks, landscapes, coastlines, and small towns…the list goes on. Wandering throughout France you will be struck by the beauty of something in every place you stop. Here are a few spots and ideas to get you started and help you get the full picture of what France offers.


Photo from Champagne-Ardenne in France


Champagne-Ardenne is just a 90-minute drive from Paris and the entire region is full of small Champagne houses. Each house has its own special method for creating the signature bubbly beverage. You can take beautiful photos of the grapes as they ripen in orderly rows, or of the people hard at work cultivating the vines, or even of the bubbles in the drinks.

Portraits of French Farmers

Photo of a French farm


Over the years, the number of French farming villages has dwindled, a consequence of increasing job opportunities in cities, and other factors. As you travel outside the large cities, it is still possible to come across traditional farming villages. They continue to struggle but are able to scrape by because of tourism. If you spend time in one of these towns, try taking photos of the farmers and their fields (with their permission, of course).

Le Tour de France

Photo of the Tour de France


The Tour de France is the world’s premier cycling race and it takes place throughout the month of July. There are 21 daylong stages, and the lead rider wears the race’s iconic yellow jersey. Because the route varies every year, the pictures you can take will change every year as well. Riders wind through tiny towns, up and down mountains, and will finish with the participants cycling through the iconic streets of Paris.

The Orangerie at Versailles

Photo of the Gardens of Versailles


Versailles itself is a stunning spot to snap photos, but right by one of the formal gardens there are orange trees that outline it. Beloved by Louis XIV, the orange trees and the royal residence are located just outside Paris. During the winter, the fruit trees are moved inside the Orangerie, the building that fronts the ornamental parterre. Colourful, unique and formally fancy, it will make for great photos.

Chamonix-Mont Blanc

Photo of a couple looking out over Chamonix-Mont Blanc


High up in the sky the blue and white peaks of the Chamonix-Mont Blanc mountain range are constantly changing. Wind whips snow around the summit and on a cloudless day, you can see the small crags and crannies that are all over the mountain range. This section of the French Alps is a breathtaking look at the variety of landscapes on display in France.

The Cliffs of Cassis

Photo from the Cliffs of Cassis


The jagged cliffs of Cassis drop down to the Mediterranean Sea. The region of the Cote d'Azur, or French Riviera, is renowned for its scenic harbours, white cliffs, and wines. Beyond being an ideal holiday hotspot, this area is superb for photographers as well. The stark landscape and unusual combination of cliffs and coastline will make for some unique and memorable photos.

Cannes Film Festival

Photo of Brad Pitt at the Cannes Film Festival


For what once used to be a tiny fishing village on the French Riviera, Cannes certainly has changed. The prestigious Cannes Film Festival came to this seaside city and now Cannes is filled with luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, and high-profile tourists. Celebrities such as George Clooney and Hugh Jackman frequently attend the Cannes Film Festival. For a new take on the little city, head to Cannes’s Suquet Quarter, which is the city’s old town, where narrow streets winding up the hill are the norm and at the top of the hill is a 12th-century tower where architecture and views come together.

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Images courtesy of Flickr users (in order) Megan Mallen, Salva Barbera, Lüfkens, Daniel Jolivet, Jrm Llvr, Evan Bench, Cine Fanatico.