Photo of Indian food in London




London may be roughly 6500 km from India, but the spices and flavours cultivated in England's capital city will make you think you're in two different continents at once.




This Michelin-starred restaurant is headed by Chef Sriram Aylur, who has brought authentic southwest Indian flavours to London. The primary focus on the menu is seafood, but Quilon offers many other zesty meat options along with vegetarian options. We recommend the tasting menu, which comes with many dishes for the table to share.


If you prefer a dish for yourself, here is what we recommend:


Quilon fish curry


If you love a good curry, this is one of the best. Enjoy cubes of halibut simmered in coconut, chilli and raw mango sauce.


Mango curry


Another delicious curry dish, the mango curry is made of fresh mango cooked with yoghurt and green chillies, and tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.




A London favourite, Gymkhana is also a Michelin-starred restaurant with an interesting design and backstory. The restaurant was inspired by colonial Indian gymkhana clubs, set up by the British Raj, where members of high society would come to socialise, dine, drink and play sports. The restaurant focuses on the tandoori oven while using seasonal British ingredients. Gymkhana is a perfect blend of British and Indian cultures.


Here are our recommended dishes:


Tandoori scallops and artichoke masala


With the warmer months coming in London, what better way to cool off than with the refreshing taste or artichoke and tandoori-flavoured summer scallops.


South Indian fried chicken wings


These are the perfect starter before your main course, with tangy spices paired with an even zestier tomato chutney.




Located in Brick Lane – the city's veritable hub of curry houses – Sheba is a longstanding favourite among Londoners. This restaurant opened in 1974 and boasts a section of traditional dishes that are still made with the original recipes.


On our list of must-try dishes, you will find:


Badshah sikandari raan


You'll love this slow-cooked chicken dish that combines garlic, chilli and a special seasoning from the chef, to offer a hot, pungent curry.


Bengal roast chicken biryani


This traditional dish is often served on special occasions. Enjoy the Bengali-style roasted chicken that comes with a spicy boiled egg on top. This is a chef favourite for all of its amazing flavours.


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Image courtesy of Flickr user yoppy; cropped from original