Welcome to Europe

Europe is home to a range of different people, landscapes, and weather. From the sunny beaches of Barcelona, to the snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alps – there’s something for everyone in Europe. The majority of the 50 countries use the Euro and are part of the European Union.

There are tons of “kinds” of English that is spoken the world over. Each English-speaking country has its own unique vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar structure. So, while you speak English, there are some words, pronunciations and sayings that you may not be familiar with. While you don’t need to practice any of these phrases, its sort of fun to be able to get an inside look at the lingo of England. That way, you can keep up with conversations and not have to interrupt to say “sorry, what?” every couple seconds. Here are a few phrases that will keep you in the know.

No matter how long you are in the city, you will never run out of things to do and see. Guidebooks will add insight into just how many things that you could (and should) see in London, if given the opportunity. Instead of listing your hundreds of options

To quote Samuel Johnson, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” While Johnson said this back in 1777, the sentiment still holds true today. The list of things to see and experience in London is exhaustive, to the point where people who live here their whole lives still have things to see and do. London may be one of the most visited places on the planet, but this city remains true to its history and culture through it all. It’s a diverse and exciting city that also just happens to have some of the world’s best sights, attractions and entertainment.

In a country with no shortage of history and culture, anyone that owns a camera-amateur or professional-will light up with excitement over the amount of memories and snapshots that will be made in England. Not only will you finish your holiday will hundreds of photographs but you’ll also leave with no fewer than a dozen new friends if the Brits have anything to say about it. Grab some fish and chips, a handful of memory cards, and the get ready to fall in love with England through your lens.

Here’s your guide to understanding the more unusual dishes you can find on most British menus, and why you should give them a try. After all, breaking stereotypes is one of the best parts of travel—you get to try things firsthand and come up with your own opinions.

England isn’t just old architecture and big clocks, in fact, the Brits know how to have a good time. Hosting many of the world’s top festivals and most unique festivals, attending a festival in the country should be at the top of your bucket list. Here are a few to try out:

When thinking of England, the first visualization is usually of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and the red double-decker buses. Music lovers may have more specific pictures in mind like Abbey Road or the houses where Pink Floyd spent their youth. Art lovers will see Cannon Hall museum or Buckler’s Hard Village. All are amazing attractions that must be seen, but regardless of where you visit, it would be smart to plan ahead and pack everything you need to see the most that the country, not just London, has to offer.

Try describing England in one sentence—we dare you! This small country consistently escapes neat summary. It has an enjoyable mosaic of cultures, cities and landscapes, and regardless of how long your holiday in England lasts, your time will add up to significantly more than any stereotypical descriptions and expectations of the country.