Photo of a traditional Turkish meal


With the laid-back, colorful, Mediterranean-lifestyle in Antalya, you can enjoy fresh seafood on a sun-drenched deck while the wind whips through your hair and you look out to the turquoise sea. Though you’ll find great dishes at many restaurants in Antalya, here are the top three spots where you are guaranteed a flavorful and enjoyable experience.

Club Arma

Club Arma is undoubtedly one of Antalya’s most luxurious restaurants with one of the world’s most spectacular views. This former oil depot is built right into the cliffside, complete with a luxurious and beautiful terrace that overlooks the sea. If you are looking for romance or a beautiful backdrop for photos, this is the place. The food doesn’t disappoint either. While relaxing in this dreamy atmosphere you’ll be able to feast on divine dishes such as octopus, lobster, duck, and all manners of soufflés and parfaits. If you simply want to come for a drink, you’ll find an array of spirits and cigars to meet any need. After a few cocktails, you can dance the night away all without moving from Club Arma. The beautiful establishment puts on its dancing shoes, dims their lights, and becomes a club at 11 pm—be sure to join them.

Vanilla Lounge

Right in the heart of Old Town, you’ll glide along cobblestoned streets to get to Vanilla Lounge. Once you get inside, the charm continues. Owned and operated by a British chef and his Turkish wife, this restaurant is another example of the cultural diversity in Turkey. The Mediterranean inspired dishes like Duck Confit will delight your taste buds and the delectable Baklava with ice cream will finish off your meal perfectly. It just so happens that the Duck Confit is the most expensive item on the menu, but don’t fret about the cost! The Duck Confit is 48.50 Turkish Lira. At first glance, this may seem like an expensive entrée but when you exchange this cost into AUD, the entrée is only $24.15. Not too bad for an upscale restaurant! So, add Vanilla Lounge to your itinerary and enjoy devilishly designed entrees and the festive environment.

Seraser Fine Dining

Located in the rustic Tuvana Hotel, Seraser is among Antalya’s best restaurants. Furnished with Pasha chairs and glass-bead chandeliers, style meets history in this charming locale. In the restaurant, you can expect international dishes made with a Mediterranean twist. Prices are reasonable, so you can expect to spend between 15 and 20 AUD on a typical entrée and around 7 for a dessert - a wonderful price point for a fine-dining experience. For 20 AUD try the sea bass wrapped in vine leaves, one of their “international-with-a-twist” specialties. You can also have the Ricotta and Aegean Herbs Gnocchi for 13 AUD, a budget friendly option. The Fillet steak with Gorgonzola Sauce will not disappoint the meat lovers and at 22 AUD, this is a steal. When you’re ready for a treat, grab the Sultan’s Coffee for après-meal. Your 7 AUD will get you coffee and homemade petit fours.

Half of the fun of travelling to new places is getting to splurge a little and experience the true flavours and fun of a country. Turkey is no different. If you find you want to let loose and do something different from the norm, choose from any of the three restaurants listed above and you’ll be pleased as punch you did. Don’t forget to activate your travel insurance policy before leaving home, though. That way, no matter what mishaps may occur on your Turkish trip, you will be protected.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Jeremy Keith