Auckland Fish Market, New Zealand


When you sit down to a meal in Auckland, you’re in for a treat. Whether you are looking for small, cosy and intimate restaurants or loud, rowdy and casual pubs and bars, Auckland has the perfect spot to try. Perhaps best known for its Asian inspired cuisine, the choices are endless. So, if you’re wandering around Auckland and your stomach starts growling, head to one of these hot spots for a taste of something delicious.


Cuisine: Asian

23 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby

09 360 6262

Well-known for quick, knowledgeable servers and delicious, unique meals, MooChowChow is well worth the visit. The portion sizes are perfect, the prices are reasonable, the atmosphere of the restaurant is enjoyable. MooChowChow was also included in the Top 50 Restaurants in Auckland for 2012.

The Fish and Chip Shop

Cuisine: Seafood

160 Sandringham Road

09 846 6884

As the name explains, The Fish and Chip Shop in Auckland specialises in fish and chips. Caught and processed in New Zealand, their fish is sourced from the local market every morning. You’ll be able to choose between deep frying your fish and pan-frying the fish and they have a wide selection of sauces to serve with the fish like their aioli and tartare sauces. A clean and inviting atmosphere completes the experience at The Fish and Chip Shop.

Le Garde Manger

Cuisine: French

466 Queen Street, Auckland

09 362 0655

Head to Le Garde Manger for an authentic French experience where you can relax in a cosy atmosphere while sipping on hot drinks and nibbling on sumptuous crepes full of sweet treats and fresh fruit. If you care to imbibe, there is a great list of French wines to choose from. It’s a great spot for dinner or for after dinner to continue conversations and relax in comfort.

Indian Pepper

Cuisine: Indian

48 Queens Road, Panmure

09 527 3849

Food is a love affair at Indian Pepper. Their dishes begin with locally-sourced ingredients and spices from India that reflect the true taste of Indian dishes. The recipes used are near and dear to the chefs’ hearts and the customer service in remarkable. There are soups, tandoori dishes, naan breads and all of the famous curries from India to taste.

Auckland Fish Market

Cuisine: Seafood

22-32 Jellicoe Street, Freemans Bay

09 379 1490

The Auckland Fish Market sells the widest range and freshest seafood available in Auckland, straight from their boats to your table. There is a boutique food market and restaurants where you can learn how to create traditional dishes, or simply sit down to seafood meal that’s perfectly prepared on-site.

Billfish Cafe

Cuisine: Seafood

Z Pier, 31 Westhaven Drive

09 379 9875

Located right on the water’s edge, Billfish Cafe is one of the most extensive venues in Auckland and feels indulgent with a waterside location, cosy bar area and modern mezzanine lounge. From tapas and sizzling platters to a variety of meats and fresh seafood, there is something for everyone on Billfish’s menu.

New Zealand is known for plenty of things, and their cuisine is definitely on the list. Locals will rave about their restaurants and if you’re smart you’ll listen to their recommendations. Taste the dishes and flavours for yourself. As you try new things and travel to new places, compare travel insurance plans and pick the right level of cover for your next adventures—culinary and otherwise—in New Zealand.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Yasuhiro Chatani.