Dan Moore


Every January 26, we all get together to celebrate Australia and everyone chooses to celebrate a little differently.


This year at Cover-More we decided to up our game and get in on the fun—how you ask? By getting on board a massive 75m Slip n’ Slide for everyone to slide down! It sounds crazy, and when you see what it looks like you’ll likely agree, but with just a little detergent and a LOT of water, our man-made slip n’ slide was ready for action! It isn’t the first year that this is has been done, but this year Dan and his friends got together the biggest crowds yet. Looks like amazing fun!

We asked around the crowds and it seems like Australia Day is one of if not the biggest highlights of the year when it comes to public holidays. It’s great to see everyone getting in the spirit of celebrating Australia day. Some throw a big bbq party, others venture into the city and watch the fireworks and then others go that step further and create an Australian Iconic slide that bring back fond childhood memories to most.

The setup began in the early hours at Cronulla Beach, Sydney. The marquee tent went up first to house the DJ set with Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown playing (another Australia Day prerequisite) , then the slide was rolled out. A few hose connections and a healthy dousing of detergent and she was ready to roll!

We got some footage of all the runs down the slide and put together a little Australia Day compilation video for you to enjoy. While the fun of the day may be over for this year, you can live vicariously through our Australia Day celebrations in our video. Keep an eye out for a little grass surfing midway through, some amazing aerial shots of the slide and even some GoPro film of everyone taking a turn down the slide—it’ll feel like you were there! Feel free to join us next year as we try make it bigger and better.

By Dan Moore