By Sam Turner

The Springbrook National Park on the Gold Coast is home to some of Queensland’s most breathtaking views, enjoyable climbs and beautiful flora and fauna.

With four decent hikes and circuits, Springbrook offers something for everyone from the hiking aficionado to the Instagramming amateur. 


The most picturesque hike is the Twin Falls Circuit, which only takes a couple hours and is 4km in length. With a healthy dose of waterfalls, sheer cliffs and creek crossings, this circuit is the perfect balance of brisk exercise and lush scenery.

Starting from the Tallanbana picnic area, the circuit begins with crossing a small stream that leads to a gigantic flowing waterfall that you can swim in once you descend the track. The walk is peppered with palms and tree ferns as well as the huge pink-barked Losphostemon confertus, which are the oldest ever carbon-dated trees in Australia at 1500 years of age.


Breathe in the ambience of nature as you continue strolling through countless shades of green and brown. Keep on the look out for land mullets, which on first glance appear as a cross between a Blue Tongued Lizard and a snake. Don’t worry, these harmless creatures are actually part of the skink family – just the supersized version.


After a short walk you’ll round the corner to a wonderful sight – a waterfall with a cave nestled underneath. You can choose to pass under if you wish or walk straight through - the refreshing mist is a great way to cool down.


After a bit more hiking, you will be treated to a wonderful view of the Hinterland and valley. This is a great place to kick off your boots, have some lunch and relax before the next leg of your journey.

The last part of the trip brings you to the largest waterfall in the Twin Falls Circuit. The creek you crossed at the beginning of your hike has led to this huge body of water, amassing into a cool waterhole underneath. Crowds often flock to this point for swimming, so hit it up early to get people-free photographs and a more relaxing surrounding. 


The stroll back is a little less exciting, but still makes for a wonderful day seeing what the Gold Coast has to offer.

When hiking don’t forget:

  • A first aid kit - always be prepared for an emergency.
  • Quality hiking boots - blisters are your worst enemy and good hiking boots will help to avoid  nasty slips and falls.
  • Snacks and water - even though it is very difficult to get lost on this track, ensure you have enough food and water.
  • Have fun - get out and there and enjoy the outdoors.

Samuel Turner is an Australian journalist with a passion for adventure, travel and food. Follow him on Instagram @turnernator and Facebook Samuel Turner

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