Lara’s family trips to Kioloa are always memorable, this week she shares with us what makes these holidays great – sun, sand, bush and family, just to name a few.

Photo of Kioloa beach, NSW Australia


Since I have been four I have been to a place called Kioloa. Kioloa is three hours away from home. We drive there each Easter and sometimes Christmas for a relaxing holiday.


I go with my mum, dad, little brother, grandparents, aunties, uncles and three cousins. The park is dog friendly so we bring our four dogs Indy, Bella, Dodger and Bonnie. Of course dogs need a holiday every now and then.

I just wish I was there right now with the wind in my hair, hitting some golf balls at the oval, playing tennis on the courts, riding my bike over jumps, swimming at the beach or in the swimming pool, walking on the sand with the dogs, watching the sunrise and the sunset, riding our bikes or scooters, going to fetes, walking to Shelly Beach, playing in the playground, doing plaster painting, going fishing or just simply going for a calming bushwalk. There is so much to offer making your time a wonderful trip to the country.

Throughout Kioloa Caravan Park there is no reception so there are no mobile phones or computers. We camp in a tent, so there are many things that won’t get internet or power. You can camp or caravan or you can live there in a permanent caravan.

Two of my friends go there too. Both of them stay with their grandparents. Each time we meet up the kids go bike riding and the parents play a game of cards and we always have barbeques with each other.

There are lots of different types of animal species (just to name the main ones) such as flathead, blue bottles, possums, pelicans, kangaroos, fairy penguins, seals, sharks, seagulls, seahorses, bream and many more.

Kioloa is a great place to be and I want to share it with everyone I can. It has a rustic feeling and a bush taste. The place I will always remember in my heart will be... Kioloa!

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