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There are many exciting events happening in Australia on Boxing Day, but the one that gets the most attention is the Boxing Day Test, a cricket match in Melbourne.

If you are planning a trip for this holiday, you'll definitely want to head to the city to get in on some of the excitement.

What is the Boxing Day Test?

The Melbourne Cricket Grounds have long been the host of the exciting Boxing Day Test, but don't worry - if you can't get tickets to the main match, you can still watch the game with locals at any number of local pubs and hotels.

In fact, viewing the game from a local restaurant or pub might be a better choice for older travellers who prefer to be a bit removed from all the sometimes-overwhelming excitement.

2013's Boxing Day Test

The Australian cricket team is always a feature of the Boxing Day Test, but the opposing team varies from year to year. This year will see one of the biggest rivalries in the world of cricket when the Aussie team takes on England to win the Ashes.

Though Australians are known for getting a bit rough and rowdy when sports are involved, the Boxing Day Test is a very family-friendly event. The main event takes place on Boxing Day, but there are several other matches in the days that follow.

Toyota Family Day takes place on the third day of the Boxing Day Test, and parents should definitely take advantage, as kids under 15 get in for free with an adult (see the ticket price flyer for full details). There is lots of fun and kid-friendly entertainment on this day, so don't miss out!

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