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With so many amazing spots within a short distance of the city, visitors and locals alike should have no trouble finding and snapping something special to upload.

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5 of the best Instagram photo locations in and around Perth

#5: The Swan Valley

Until recently we hadn't explored the Swan Valley, but after so many recommendations from friends my partner Sam and I decided to take a little drive north of the city to see if for ourselves.

The Swan Valley reminded us of a small-scale Margret River. Not only is it less busy, it’s much closer to Perth. There are heaps of wineries and even a couple of chocolate factories for those with a sweet tooth like us. With beautiful vineyards and bushland, there is no shortage of photo opportunities.

Remember to take a selfie while wandering through the vineyards or sipping on some wine to make your friends really jealous!

Photo from Swan Valley, Perth Australia


#4: South Perth foreshore

South Perth foreshore is a great place to grab a coffee and take a walk while enjoying the stunning view of Perth city overlooking the Swan River. If coffee and exercise don’t take your fancy, then we suggest a visit during the night to see the city lights reflect beautifully off the water.

If you want to capture something really special, head down when the sun is setting. The changing colours of the sky form an incredible backdrop to the city. Hang around for that little bit longer and you’ll be able to capture some great long exposure photography.

Photo of South Perth's Foreshore


#3: Kings Park

Without a doubt, King’s Park has the best view of Perth city. With views spanning from the CBD over the Swan River to South Perth, it’s full of amazing photo opportunities. It’s also a great place to bring a date, have a picnic with friends, or just get away from the hustle and bustle. There’s a delicious café to eat and stunning botanical gardens to wander through.

King Park, Perth during the day


If you’re looking for something extra special, Kings Park is the perfect place for long exposure photographs. The city lights make for an amazing shot. We’ve also been told that Kings Park is a great place to take a photo of the sunrise over Perth, although we haven’t yet had a chance to do this.

Kings Park, Perth at night


#2: Cottesloe Beach

We’re pretty lucky over here on the west coast of Australia. Not only do we have crystal clear blue water, white sandy beaches, and sunny weather (almost) all year long, but we also get to experience incredible sunsets over the ocean.

Cottesloe Beach Perth - sunset photo


We’ve explored quite a few places in Perth to capture the sunset, but Cottesloe Beach is our absolute favourite. Nothing beats sitting by the ocean and watching the sun set into the horizon. We like to take our camera and tripod down, sit on the grass and go snap crazy.

Cottesloe Beach Perth - sunset photo #2


While the sun is still high in the sky, Cottesloe is the perfect spot to take a dip and enjoy great coffee (or a cheeky wine) whilst soaking up some rays.

Photo of Cottesloe Beach, Perth


#1: Rottnest Island

There’s a reason this place has made it to the top of our list and we think other locals will agree with us. Rottnest Island is a 25-minute ferry ride just off the coast of Perth. It’s really well known for its crystal clear water, white sandy beaches, amazing snorkelling and the adorable Quokka (Google them, they’re amazing).

Photo of Rottnest Island off of Perth


The best way to see all that Rottnest has to offer is by bike. You can bring your own across on the ferry or hire one on the island. Riding around you’ll see lots of Australian wildlife, some beautiful old lighthouses and endless opportunities for incredible photos.

Photo #2 of Rottnest Island off of Perth


Rottnest is windswept and has very few trees, so it’s very important to remember to bring sunscreen when visiting. The island has very little shade so it’s very likely you’ll get sun burnt under the scorching Aussie sun – it makes for an incredibly uncomfortable night’s sleep, trust us, on that!

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