Ella Rose

With so many amazing spots within a short distance of Perth's city, visitors and locals alike should have no trouble finding and snapping something special to upload. Check out Ella's top 5 most Instagramable locations in and around Perth.

Jess Buchan

'Freedom camping'. These two little words are what make New Zealand the ultimate destination for a road trip. There are over 340 freedom camping spots scattered around New Zealand and not only are they budget friendly but they also are usually in the most scenic and often remote locations.

Adelle Perry

Adelle had 5 weeks off and simply decided to drive and see where she would end up. It became not only an adventure through some beautiful and rugged country, but also an amazing journey about finding oneself.

Lara’s family trips to Kioloa are always memorable, this week she shares with us what makes these holidays great – sun, sand, bush and family, just to name a few.Since I have been four I have been to a place called Kioloa. Kioloa is three hours away from home. We drive there each Easter and sometimes Christmas for a relaxing holiday.

We asked a kiwi in our office to give us a New Zealander's perspective on ANZAC Day... Was it celebrated differently in New Zealand? This is what Dominic had to say.ANZAC day in New Zealand is celebrated much the same as it is in Australia but with a few differences. At the end of the day we did fight together and you can’t have ANZAC without NZ. We join nations on this day to remember the sacrifice our grandfathers made for these two great countries, so maybe the old ‘Eastern Australia’ joke isn’t quite as bad on this one day of the year.

Just two hours south-east of Sydney by plane, Lord Howe Island is the location of the southernmost coral reef in the world. A crescent-shaped volcanic island Lord Howe Island looking for a new experience. Scuba divers, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike all flock to Lord Howe to take in the incredible scenery, submerge themselves in the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and spot species of birds you can only find on this small island.

Australian travel enthusiasts will be happy to know that one of the fastest growing adventure destinations is located so close. New Zealand offers a host of adventure travel options. Read on for some of Cover-More’s must-experience activities.

Few places hold the magic and mystique like the rolling hills and azure blue lakes of New Zealand. In a country larger than the United Kingdom but with only about a sixteenth of the population, there is an abundance of natural life to experience. The beauty of a fiery glowing sun sinking into the horizon or the powdery snow-capped mountains ascending into the sky will not only spark an other-worldly emotional response within your soul, it will also present an opportunity to capture the majestic beauty through photography to share with others.

Vacation is a time to rest and relax, but at Cover-More we know from experience how dangerous new countries can be. From pickpockets to pyramid schemes, we want you to stay safe and aware. Learn about the common scams for visitors and locals in New Zealand and you’ll be better off protecting yourself and your holiday from an unfortunate run-in with one of these scam artists. If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, here are the three scams you should be vigilant about:

Lush greenery rubs shoulders with the urban dwellings of downtown Auckland, all of which overlooks the turquoise bays. Auckland has consistently placed in the Top 5 on the Mercer Quality of Living Survey and often wins awards as a top travel destination. This will no doubt be the best place to take a break from reality and calm your mind from the stresses of everyday responsibilities. Read our list of the top ways to relax when visiting Auckland, New Zealand.