The first thought many people have about Christchurch is the incredible scenery and wildlife that call the region home. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the awe and wonder of seeing these unique and interesting animals in person, but outside of the activities and adventures in Christchurch, there are other parts to visit and take part in. Namely, Christchurch showcases the best in fine wines made at top wineries and vineyards in New Zealand. 

New Zealand is famous for its beautiful landscape, the rolling hills and beautiful blue lakes that seem to be plucked right out of a movie set. It’s not the only thing that New Zealand offers, though. The lovers of fine architecture will find an array of impressive hotels to enjoy during their trip.

The first thing to strike you when arriving in Queenstown, New Zealand is probably the scenery. The mountains iced with snow and the shimmering lakes are hard to tear your eyes away from. However when you do, and you get to know the town centre of Queenstown, you’ll quickly realize how friendly and open locals are here.

Lying within the Southern Alps, Queenstown, New Zealand is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and plays host to travellers visiting for the various adventure sports that make Queenstown so exciting and those travellers looking to relax among the fantastic views. While busy skiing, whitewater rafting, or even shopping, it is inevitable that you’ll work up an appetite. Queenstown, in all of its charm and quaintness, beholds lots of lovely cafes. Here are some of our favourites for you to take in the sights and sounds while enjoying a hot beverage or bite to eat.

Queenstown has plenty of adrenaline-filled activities for travelers looking to keep both feet firmly (or not so firmly) on the ground, but there are also plenty of options for a fun-filled day up among the clouds. Whether you want to try paragliding or hang-gliding for the first time, or if you’d like to see the area from a helicopter or a small aircraft or even a hot air balloon, Queenstown has exactly what you need.

The Maori people’s Polynesian ancestors sailed around the Pacific Ocean with their navigational skills to guide them. One of the last islands to be discovered was Aotearoa New Zealand. The “Aotearoa” part of the name comes from the wife of the adventurer Kupe, who pointed out the long white clouds that were over the land, thus giving Aotearoa its name which translates to “long white cloud.”

If you're headed to New Zealand, then chances are you'll be getting into all kind of fun adventures—there is no shortage of activities to try for thrill-seekers, nature lovers and everywhere in between. If you're planning to do more than lie on a beach or explore a bustling city, you'll need to bring or prepare for more things when you're packing. Whether you're living out of a backpack or settling in for a few weeks in New Zealand, take a look through our handy guide on the important things to pack for your Kiwi holiday.

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Phoebe Lee

I knew New Zealand was beautiful, which is why I was really excited to spend some time there recently. I expected to fall in love with Queenstown and never want to leave, so I was really surprised when it was somewhere else that completely captured my heart.