Tasting Tour Chocolate Capital Argentina


Deep within the snow-capped peaks of the Andes Mountains sits the sweet tooth paradise known as San Carlos de Bariloche – an Argentinian city with a Swiss cultural twist. Often considered the ‘Chocolate Capital of South America,’ Bariloche is the real-life Candy Land you must visit if you get the chance. To help navigate through your sugar-induced haze, use Cover-More’s ultimate guide to get a taste of the must-eat sweets of Bariloche.



Street Address: Mitre 298

Telephone: +54 294 442 3294

Open Hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

One of many companies claiming to make “the best chocolate in Bariloche,” Mamuschka may have actually earned this title. Often cited as a favourite among tourists and residents alike, Mamuschka is recognizable by its red awning made of giant nesting dolls. This candy shop is newer to the area than most – founded in 1989 – and uses its young status to its advantage, continually evolving its recipes. Mamuschka must-tries include the chocolate mousse with caramel and homemade marzipan.


Street Address: Rosas

Telephone: +54 294 452 2391

A bit of old world flavour is baked into Frantom chocolate – like old, old world; like Mesoamerican old world. Located slightly inland from other chocolate shops of this list, this shop prides itself on attention to detail when it comes to measuring ingredients. Chocolatiers are always working, and the shop encourages visitors to come watch them bake. Frantom favourites include the chocolate milkshake and ‘rama’ chocolate – “an airy shaped tree branch” of chocolate, according to the company website.

Abuela Goye

Street Address: Mitre 258

Telephone: +54 294 443 3861

Chocolatiers with a fruity flair, the chefs at Abuela Goye double as farmers. The roots of this business stretch back to the Goye family, Swiss immigrants who migrated to the region in the 1860s. Owning a large plot of land near the heart of Bariloche, this chocolate shop also grows its own fruits, which provide the ingredients for the many jams, preserves, ice creams and fillings for cakes and, of course, chocolates. TripAdvisor guests recommend trying the hot chocolate. But be warned: plan to spend a bit of time at this location, as the service is often slow.

Del Turista

Street Address: San Martín 252

Telephone: +54 294 442 4725

The largest of this list’s chocolate shops, this tourist-centric store produces and sells around 4 tons of chocolate each day. Del Turista ingredients are sourced from around the world and the variety of desserts is unbeatable. Must-eats include hot chocolate, ice cream and (surprise!) apple strudel.

Boniface Chocolates

Street Address: Unknown

Telephone: Unknown

Chocolate liquor at Boniface remains one of the town’s best-kept secrets … if you can find it. This tiny family-owned business is so small it doesn’t yet have a website. But foodies from around the world rave on personal blogs of the sweet kick of chocolate booze. Locating this shop may take a bit of speaking with the locals, but it is surely worth the reward.

With so many options for world-class chocolate, it’s understandable why foodies from around the world target Bariloche on their list of must-visit cities in Argentina. The food is incredible, the artistry is unmatched and as a visitor you’ll get to experience it all first-hand. Consider a Comprehensive travel insurance policy from Cover-More Australia to protect your travels. You’ll rest easy knowing Cover-More’s team is always there to help if you need it, and you can focus all of your energies on tasting every variety of chocolate Bariloche has to offer.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Lian Chang