By now we know just how much people in Argentina love steak. They consistently top the charts in terms of meat consumption per person in the country and once you have a taste, you’ll understand why steak makes it onto Argentine menus and plates most nights. But what about what else the country, and more specifically Buenos Aires, has to offer? There are restaurants tucked into every nook of the city, but all restaurants are not created equal. Whether you are grabbing something on your way to the next tourist attraction or if you have a few hours to relax in a cafe, here’s a list (courtesy of Pick Up the Fork) of some quick, cheap and easy meal options for anyone navigating Buenos Aires with a grumbling stomach.


Las Cabras

Fitz Roy 1795, Palermo, Hollywood

While the service is nothing to applaud, the food that comes out of Las Cabras is pretty great—especially as an option for a cheap meal. If you are with a large group try ordering the “grill for two” for enough food to feed at least four people, but often more. Another massive dish full of food from Las Cabras comes with beef chorizo, French fries, a fried egg, pumpkin puree, grilled veggies, white rice and a grilled piece of cheese.

Don Niceto

Niceto 5255, Palermo

While the decorations may not be top notch—the food at Don Niceto certainly is. This no-frills barrio restaurant offers good quality meat for people on the go without a hefty price tag. Try their chorizo sandwich, hunks of grilled cheese and beef chorizo.

Club Eros

Uriarte 1609, Palermo Soho

Before inflation hit Argentina hard, Club Eros was well-known as the best place to get a delicious but cheap meal. Since the inflation, prices have adjusted to match the times, but it is still a reputable, consistent and inexpensive spot for a relaxed meal in an authentic Argentine atmosphere.

El Lomo Feroz

Fitz Roy 1666 & Serrano 1449, Palermo

El Lomo Feroz is the perfect late-night snack spot. They serve gigantic steak and chicken sandwiches to their adoring crowds on homemade focaccia bread that can’t be beat—especially at 5 in the morning!

La Gran Hollywood

Bonpland 2205, Palermo Hollywood

La Gran Hollywood is like many other barbeque joints in Buenos Aires, where there is always a crowd, but not always a clear understanding why the crowds continue to go there. A meal at La Gran Hollywood is a solid, cheap and filling option for anyone in the area. Give their steak sandwiches a taste.

La Doña

Azucena Villaflor y Achaval, Costanera Sur

One sandwich from La Dona can easily feed up to 3 people. They create a chicken tortilla sandwich that is served on perfectly charred flatbread piled high with untraditional toppings like marinated eggplant and chili peppers. It’s full of grease and cheese and low on nutrition, but you won’t regret buying one of the sandwiches here because of how tasty they are!

Taste a variety of Argentine flavours and keep your wallet stuffed for the activities and things you really want to see and do. When you take a budget tour of Argentina’s cuisine, you will get the best flavours for the best prices and no one can argue with that strategy. If staying on budget is a major part of your holiday planning, consider a budget travel insurance plan from Cover-More. You’ll get all the cover you need, with none of the frills and extra costs.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Madeleine Holland