21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant, San Francisco California


From San Francisco to Seattle, micro brewed beer is not just a drink, it’s a way of life. If you are planning a trip to the West Coast (and you are over 21!), consider a trip to one of these must-visit breweries.

If you are in San Francisco:

21st Amendment

Named after the legislation that ended American prohibition in 1933, this brewpub serves a wide variety of different beer types. Try everything from the Hell or High Watermelon beer to the Marooned on Hog Island beer, which is brewed with local oyster shells. No matter your level of beer sophistication, you are sure to not leave 21st Amendment without trying something new.

Anchor Brewing Company

Another company with a rich American history, Anchor Brewing Company is home to the well-known Anchor Steam beer (also known as Californian Common). Learn about the beer’s history and the company’s brewing process during a tour, which the company hosts twice daily, complete with tastings.

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers

Enjoy beer your way at this San Francisco staple. Drink from tasting flights or growlers to-go with Speakeasy’s 12 rotating taps. The company regularly hosts brewery tours, but has postponed these until early 2015 as they are currently expanding.

If you are in Seattle:

While this sleepless city may be famous for a different (less alcoholic, more caffeinated) drink (hint: coffee), since the mid-’90s a micro-brew fever has hit the streets and it looks like it’s here to stay. Enjoy a tall frosty one on a rainy Seattle afternoon in one of these trendy watering holes:

Elysian Brewing Company

Famous in America for their Men’s Room Original Red beer, Elysian Brewing Company’s three locations across the city offer a long list of regular and seasonal varieties. Large, laid-back and packed with locals, Elysian has 16 taps spanning its eclectic variety of beers. Once you’ve had enough to drink, take a look at their full menu, which includes vegetarian and vegan options.

Mac and Jack’s Brewing Company

Catch a behind-the-scenes look at brewing in one of the area’s most famous microbreweries. Mac and Jack’s offers brewery tours on Saturdays and Sunday at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. with tastings included. Come for the local favorite beer – African Amber – as well as Serengeti Wheat, Blackcat Porter, Two Tun IPA, Cascadian Dark Ale and C-U Lator.

If you are in Portland:

If you are looking for truly great beer, look no further than Portland. More than 70 microbreweries and brewpubs call this small city home. For the true Portland experience, pull up a barstool to one of these counters:

Bridgeport Brewery

Portland’s oldest craft brewery is located in one of the city’s oldest industrial buildings. When you are at Bridgeport Brewery, enjoy their excellent IPAs, which are best drunk fresh, from this city staple.

Oregon Public House

Good beer meets charity work at this Portland staple. Choose from a 12-tap selection and order off their vegetarian menu while helping others. Oregon Public House has a rotating list of local charities they support, and customers have the chance to decide which one receives the proceeds of their bill.

If good beer is what you crave, the West Coast is the best coast to find it. On your American getaway, we want you to have fun, and that’s why we take care of the worrying and the hassle for you. Book a policy with Cover-More today and save. If you have already purchased a Cover-More policy or plan to purchase one, please do review all of the policy documents before you start your brewery tour. Policyholders cannot make a claim from situations that arise from drinking alcohol.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Dan K