Brazil is an enormous country full of diverse landscapes, unique wildlife and a ton of people. As a visitor, chances are you will want to take photos of the amazing places you see, experiences you take part in and locals you see and meet. While everyone will have a picture of Christ the Redeemer and Carnaval, there are different parts of Brazil that are worth capturing on film (or digitally). Look beyond the tourist traps and use your lens to reveal the real Brazil. Here are four great photo opportunities to let you get a different perspective on Brazil, its people and its environment.

Street Markets

Brazil Street Markets


Street markets in Brazil are a great place to mingle with locals, try traditional meals, buy fresh food and take amazing photos. You’ll be right in the middle of it all, and you’ll see energy, culture and handicrafts, all of which can be composed into a unique and superb photo that captures the essence of Brazil. Take a close-up photo of hand-made coloured pencils, strands of beads for sale, bright t-shirts, and the colourful people who sell them.

Coastal Sunsets

Brazil Sunset Photo


It’s not hard to believe that a sunset over the water will take your breath away. It’s a sight that people around the world find beautiful, but not every sunset is the same kind of beautiful. In Brazil, where there are close to 8,000km of coastline, there are no shortage of beaches from which to take in a sunset. Whether you prefer to be surrounded by other people, cheering, clapping and celebrating as the sun takes a dip below the horizon, watching the sun set as you enjoy a meal from a waterside restaurant, or you prefer sitting on a deserted beach, taking in the sight solo, there is a stunning, colourful and memorable coastal sunset for you in Brazil. Take your camera and capture the unique view.

Football Fans

Football Fans Photo


When it comes to football, Brazilians are proud of their teams and aren’t afraid to share their pride with you. Clapping, chanting, singing, playing instruments and general revelry is expected at every game, and in this case, the best photos will come from the stands instead of on the field. Swing your attention to the crowds and the fans that surround the football pitch and you’ll capture candid smiles, frowns, intense concentration, anger, joy and many more emotions on the faces of these fans. You’ll always remember the intensity of the football game or games you were able to see in Brazil when you look back on these photos.


Photo from Salvador


When you visit Salvador in Brazil, you will step back in time to a city that has been perfectly preserved from the 16th and 17th centuries in Brazil. There is a deep connection to Africa in this little city and you can experience it in the food, music, culture and architecture. The colonial centre of the city is Pelourinho neighbourhood where efforts over the past twenty years have brought this former power back to its original glory. Take as many photos as you can of this colonial city and remember the old-fashioned, yet beautiful surroundings whenever you look back on your holiday photos.

There are an abundance of things that will draw your attention while travelling through and around Brazil. Take a second to consider the unusual parts of the country that deserve attention and approach photography in Brazil with a different point of view. You’ll be surprised how much of the country you’ll be able to capture! Take care to protect your camera, your memories and your holiday by tailoring your travel insurance cover with Cover-More Australia.

Photo 1 courtesy of Flickr user Revas Ardesher
Photo 2 courtesy of Flickr user Danielle Pereira
Photo 3 courtesy of Flickr user Russell C
Photo 4 courtesy of Flickr user Julia Rubinic

Disclaimer: Please exercise caution while travelling in Brazil and always be sure to check Smartraveller’s website for the most up-to-date precautions and travel advice.