Brazil is a family-friendly country full of activities and fun things to try. From the depths of the jungle to the shimmery sands of their coastline, kids and parents alike will delight in the range of attractions waiting for them in Brazil. The upcoming FIFA World Cup in Rio de Janiero and the 2016 Summer Olympics taking place in Rio as well means there has never been a better time to get familiar with the happy, fun-loving country of Brazil. Check out our list of family-friendly activities and figure out which ones you and your family want to try!

Eco-Adventure: Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest is a perpetual favourite for locals and tourists alike. Start your journey into the jungle in Manaus which is located in the northern state of Amazonas. Here, you’ll find well-kept and well-run facilities that make a wide variety of adventures possible. The cost of accommodations here range from modest to extreme, but everywhere you look will provide insight to the indigenous nature and culture of the Amazon. Chatter with monkeys, go on an expedition to nearby rivers and villages, learn about the native plants and animals, and surround yourself and your family with the eco-adventures that abound in the Amazon rainforest.

Style & Surfing: Santa Catarina & Florianopolis

Way down in the southern part of Brazil is spectacular Santa Catarina. Made of 560km of sparkling coastline, this region doesn’t have one culture, but rather a melting pot of tons of European cultures. Perhaps most surprising is the flourishing German culture that imitates culture, celebrations and beverages from their motherland. Florianopolis, is an island in the Atlantic that is well-known as a chic, fashion-forward coastal city. People in Florianopolis and Santa Catarina know how to unwind: whether it be surfing the crush of waves on the coast, or snorkelling below the surface, the sun and sand draw families to the southern shores of Brazil. If you have a fashion-conscious kid, or you prefer a laidback holiday to a tightly scheduled one, head to Santa Catarina or Florianopolis.

History: Minas Gerais

While Minas Gerais may lay off the map of “most visited” spots in Brazil, the state has incredible historical, architectural and ecological riches that make a stop here worthwhile for any history-loving families. UNESCO has awarded more World Heritage sites in Minas than anywhere else in Brazil. Stroll down the “paralelepipedos” (cobblestones) in Ouro Preto, which was a colonial capital, and watch the kids step back in time as they don costumes reminiscent of the past.

Minas Gerais, Brazil


After a full day of touring and learning, your family will need to refuel their tanks. Meals will be simple in Minas Gerais as well, where even the pickiest eaters will find local fare that is to their liking. History comes alive in Minas Gerais, and you are guaranteed to come out of the visit with a richer understanding of the colonial state and its history.

Culture & Heritage: Salvador & Bahia

Directly in the centre of Salvador in the state of Bahia, you’ll understand why Brazilians often say the country’s soul is here. There’s rhythmic beats of music drifting through the air, local arts and crafts being sold in open marketplaces and steps to the samba being performed around every corner. Salvador and Bahia boast a thriving Afro-Brazilian culture that engages and entices locals and tourists alike to take part in the year-round celebration of life. Dance to the beat and take in the culture of the place as your family becomes familiar with the true heart and soul of Brazil. Skip the crowds of Rio de Janiero and head to Salvador and Bahia instead to soak up the warm, friendly and vibrant culture.

Pack your bags, grab your family and take off for an exciting holiday in Brazil. Be sure to compare travel insurance plans from Cover-More Australia and pick the plan that matches you and your family. Rest easy, knowing you have protection from the unexpected as you explore and take in your fill of the fifth largest country in the world.

By Dan Moore

Disclaimer: Please exercise caution while travelling in Brazil and always be sure to check Smartraveller’s website for the most up-to-date precautions and travel advice.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Thomas