Today's post comes from young Aussie travellers Wise Monkeys Abroad who are in Brazil for the World Cup and to travel around this amazing country. The Wise Monkeys Abroad share their trips on travel in Brazil.

Let us come right out and say it, we love Rio De Janeiro. There is just an energy and vibe about it that makes it so likeable. At the time of writing this the World Cup is still in full swing, so prepare to be surrounded in happy-go-lucky crowds but also prepare to wait wherever you go!

Our first stop in Rio was Sugarloaf Mountain. But before we could get there, we sat in heavy traffic from the airport for over 90 minutes – the trip usually takes about 40 minutes in light traffic. Then to get atop Sugarloaf Mountain, there are two cable cars up. Yes, we had to wait a couple of hours in total to get both up and down the mountain. But was it worth it? Definitely! We were blessed with clear, blue skies and got beautiful views across the city.


Next stop was Copacabana beach for lunch and soaking up the sunshine! There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars to choose from serving up drinks, good food and great memories as everyone is glued to TVs watching the football. You can’t escape it even if you tried.

Copacabana Beach is like nothing we have seen before. It is the biggest beach we have ever seen – maybe it is was our perception because of everything that was going on! The FIFA Fan Fest consumes only a corner of Copacabana, with the live samba music in between the football games. The rest of the beach is left for beach-goers and vendors! Everything is happening - you name it, we saw it! There are vendors selling hats, bags, souvenirs and food (sandwiches from cooler bags, coconut drinks and prawns on skewers). There are bodies littering the beach sunbathing or building sandcastles, swimming, playing beach soccer or beach volleyball. And of course, it wouldn’t be the World Cup, if there weren’t supporters waving their flags and donning their country colours! We are not big on beaches but Copacabana alone has made us want to come back to Rio!


Last stop for the day was Christ the Reedemer. We were scheduled to be on the sunset train up but again, due to the long waiting times, we didn’t get to the top til almost 90 minutes later which meant we saw Rio and Christ the Redeemer at night! Did it bother us? No way! After the train, elevator and escalator rides, we laid our eyes on Christ the Redeemer. Standing at his feet, feeling so tiny and insignificant, we had our breath taken away by his sheer size and presence! With the lights shining on the statue, and him illuminated in the darkness of the night, then for us to try and describe it, would not do it justice. So just go see it for yourself!


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