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Many of the Midwest states in the United States are considered “fly over states” – but that’s not all they are! The middle of America is more than just the stuff between New York to Los Angeles. These states have tons of fun activities and amazingly unique foods that really capture a taste of America.


Nothing says Midwest like delicious, slow-smoked ribs. The style evolved in the early 1900s. Ribs are prepared by smoking pork, covered in a sauce made with tomatoes and molasses, over wood. This Midwestern staple is so popular that there are more than 100 barbeque restaurants in the state.


One of the best Midwestern dinner sides is corn on the cob, and Iowa has a delicious sweet corn that will be perfect with a bit of garlic butter. Pair these golden treats with a pulled pork sandwich and a beer for the ultimate Iowa summer afternoon.


The state’s popular claim to fame may be about its top-notch cheese, but their culinary fame actually comes from bratwurst stewed with sauerkraut. Wisconsin even has an entire Brat Fest devoted to their favourite food.


This state’s star food – known to locals simply as Hot Dish – can be made with a variety of different options. The Hot Dish is a casserole that is often made with a starch, a meat, protein, and veggies. When visiting Minnesota, you can always expect a casserole in some form wherever you are visiting.


Although this state’s key food may have originated in Sicily, Missouri has made it one of a kind. Stop by for a taste of toasted ravioli – a unique take on the classic favourite.


Pizza may be an American favourite, but you haven’t had pizza until you’ve had Chicago’s deep dish pizza. This delicacy is exactly what it sounds – a pan pizza that reaches up to four inches high. Another unique feature of deep dish: the toppings are on the bottom, and the sauce is on the top!


The Midwest loves a good sandwich, and Indiana is popular for its breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. Serve this with a side of coleslaw and a Coca-Cola, and you have the perfect Midwestern picnic.


Try the palm-sized dough pockets in this state called Nebraska Handheld Meat Pies. These little meals often contain browned beef and veggies. They are cowboy favourites are perfect for on the go and for a quick snack.


Michigan and Nebraska may not be neighbours but they have a similar culinary love. The Michigan Pasty is a hand-held meat pie that was brought from the Norwegians that migrated to the area. The pasty contains beef, rutabaga, carrots, onions, and potatoes.


This state is famous for the nut that falls from the buckeye tree, and their famous food is a mere piece of art paying tribute to the nut. The peanut-butter-filled chocolate balls are an edible version of the Buckeye.

North Dakota

In North Dakota, the thin, delicate flatbreads called lefse potato crepes are the most popular food in the state. The Scandinavian treat is often consumed around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. In North Dakota, though, you can find them pre-made in the grocery store to have for any meal.

South Dakota

If you want to eat like a real cowboy, try the South Dakota specialty of Chislic. This flavourful appetizer consists of cubed red meat and makes for a perfect snack or starter before your main dinner entrée. Different regions of the state offer a variation of the meat with different spices and flavours.

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Image courtesy of Flickr user Bradley Hawks