Mendoza is the main wine producing province in Argentina and back in 2005, it was declared one of the eight wine capitals in the world, along with other greats like Bordeaux, Florence, Cape Town, Napa Valley and more. Mendoza is the birthplace of Malbec and is an incredible oasis for a number of other grape varietals that are grown. Boasting an astonishing 1,200 wineries in the five regions, wine connoisseurs will not be disappointed by the diversity of tasting experiences and wineries they can tour.


As an added bonus, the wineries are also situated near mountains, lakes, caves, deserts and more, creating the perfect opportunity for a holiday that is part wine-tasting and part adventure-sporting. Unlike other wine regions where the artists keep their techniques and recipes under wraps, inquiring minds will get more than they bargained for in Mendoza, where the viniculturists share family recipes and walk you through their process of creating wine. We’ve compiled a list of three wineries where you can get a taste of the old vs. new and high tech vs. quaint wineries on offer in Mendoza.

Vines of Mendoza

Street Belgrano 1194

Open from 3-10pm

+1 (707) 320-2699

This American-owned company may seem like the last place we should recommend to you when there are hundreds of other places that are more culturally in-tune with the traditional methods of wine making. However, this company stands apart from the crowd as an amazing example of how one great wine bar can change a city. Vines of Mendoza offers flights of wine where you can taste five different kinds of wines and much more. If you are looking for something a little pricier, Vines has top-shelf private tasting available as well. If you’re new but want to learn how to taste wine, Vines offers a wine appreciation class to teach newbies how to properly taste a glass of wine before they head out to other spots in Mendoza.


Terrada 1863

Email [email protected] for reservations

+54 (261) 498-4239

Mendel wines are known the world over for their superiority, especially their Cabernet and Malbec varietals. Roberto de la Mota has worked tirelessly with a century-old Argentine family to produce wine of unquestionable superior quality. The proprietor of Mendel makes sure the de la Mota has what he needs to produce the award winning wine Mendel has come to be known by. They perform every single step rigorously from bunch sorting to fermentation in small tanks to aging the wines in the finest French oak barrels. The combination of ancient vineyards, passionate professionals, a luxurious experience and a strong sense of community ensure that Mendel wines will be around for some time to come. 


Brandsen 1863

[email protected]

+54 261 5244416

The Bodega Renacer was built in 2004 in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. It’s a fusion between classic and modern architecture: well defined, straight lines combined with Tuscan-inspired walls to provide a highly attractive and unique building for guests to enjoy. The winery is also a pioneer in the development of a precision viticulture, producing exceptional grapes that become in unique, magnificent wines. At the Bodega Renacer they believe that exceptional wine quality should not cost the Earth and they have built their operations around the principle of being one of the most environmentally-friendly bottled wine brands you can get from Argentina.

Customisation is the name of the game for a wine holiday in Mendoza, Argentina. There are cellars, vineyards, farms, colonial homes, museums and estancias all over the place. The ownership of these wineries ranges from premium providers to smaller, family-run establishments. You can organize a self-directed tour of the area or pay extensively for an all-inclusive, chauffeured experience. Regardless of how your wine tour of Mendoza shakes out, having an international travel insurance plan is the best way to ensure any bumps in the road get smoothed out quickly and efficiently.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Tanenhaus