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After it being near the top of our USA bucket list for years, we finally got to experience how grand the Grand Canyon really is. After our visit many people asked us, “Which rim of the Grand Canyon is best?”

Well, we are here to tell you it’s neither, and here’s why…

Photo from the top of Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon


Horseshoe Bend

During a road trip through America’s Southwest on our way to the Grand Canyon we discovered a hidden gem you have to see to believe. Just seven miles before the Grand Canyon begins you will find Horseshoe Bend. This spot is not only absolutely breathtaking, but you can get photographs from the rim with the Colorado River in the background – which is not possible from the north or south rim!

The horseshoe-shaped greenish blue Colorado River contrasts against the deep orange walls of the canyon, making for an incredible sight.


Photo of Jess looking out at Horseshoe Bend


Getting There

As you drive along US Route 89 look out for a sign that reads ‘Horseshoe Bend Overlook’ as you travel south of Page. Once you arrive, hike along the sandy path for about 1km until you reach a huge drop and you’ll be hit with a breathtaking sight.

There are no protective rails, no safety features, nothing but pure nature.


Photo #2 of Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon


You Need To See It To Believe It

Once arriving at the overlook, you will be awed by the magnificence of the landscape that seriously cannot be expressed with words or photographs. You will stand on a steep orange cliff several hundred metres high. Below, the emerald green Colorado River makes the iconic horseshoe-shaped bend as it rushes towards the Grand Canyon.

Photo of Stephen & Jess looking out at Horseshoe Bend


Is it still worth visiting the North and South Rim of the Grand Canyon?

Of course it is!

You will never forget the moment you take your first steps up to the base of the Grand Canyon. You’ll be unable to take it all in with one glance and realise why the Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.


  • Interested in the Grand Canyon SkyWalk? Just a heads up, it will cost you $79 and you are not allowed to take your own personal cameras along with you. Instead you will have to purchase a professional Skywalk photo for $30 each.
  • If you are in to hiking make sure you hike the Rim Trail. Starting in the village area at the South Rim, this 12 mile hike follows the rim along some of the most spectacular viewpoints to be had within the Canyon.
  • Why not explore the Grand Canyon from within? You can go whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon, giving you a completely different view and outlook.

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