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Quite possibly one of the most famous party cities in the world, New Orleans in Louisiana, USA deserves more than the adult-oriented title it generally receives. New Orleans is credited as the Birthplace of Jazz and celebrates its musical history with no shortage of live performances.

Where to Go & What to See

For the Kids

Audubon Zoo

This New Orleans landmark holds some of the rarest creatures in nature while boasting a long, sustainable history. Animals have been at this site since the 1884 World Expo in Audubon Park. Consistently ranking among the country’s best zoos, the Audubon Zoo is home to everyone’s favorites: elephants, monkeys, tigers, bears, orangutans and a 14-foot alligator.

French Quarter

The oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, the French Quarter, may be famous for Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras celebrations, but there is plenty for the kids to enjoy too.

Quirky Shopping

One of the best ways to spend an afternoon in New Orleans is to explore the shops in the French Quarter. The mask and costume shops are a very exciting trip for the kids as they play dress up and live out their imaginations. The craft and book shops will also be an exciting way to spend the day, perfect for both children and adults.

French Market

What better way to let your little ones grow, than to let them pick out their own lunch or a new toy from a variety of vendors at the market?

For the Voodoo Seekers

Tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau

In the St. Louis Cemetery, the famed voodoo queen of New Orleans is said to be buried. Many come to honour the legend that surrounds her. It is said that if you visit the tomb, draw an x, turn around three times and shout out your wish, it will come true. If your wish then comes true, you are supposed to come back, circle the x and leave a sacrifice.

Island of Salvation Botanica

This exciting retailer holds voodoo goods, herbs, and oils. Sallie Ann, also hosts a private voodoo society within her home.


Another retailer selling occult and witch goods is Esoterica. You can find charms, herbs, oils, books, tarot cards, spell kits and more. This spooky shop will tap right in to the mystery of the French Quarter. If you are around the French Quarter at the right time, you can also attend The New Orleans Witches Ball.

For the History Buff

Cities of the Dead

Due to the high water levels in the area, in the older days, coffins of the dead would literally float up from the ground. As a solution, residents would place their loved ones in above-ground tombs. People started to nickname these “streets” of tombs, “the cities of the dead.”

National World War 2 Museum

Take a step into yester-year and explore all of the military paraphernalia from one of the most pivotal moments in world history. There will be much to learn, much to see and much to explore.

New Orleans Museum of Art

Take in a sculpture by Degas or a mural by Odita. The New Orleans Museum of Art is an educational step into New Orleans and world art.

For the Foodies

New Orleans is not for the health-conscious, but for the palettes of culinary delight. Prices can range, but seafood or beignets are always a good option.

For a Bargain

Try the Acme Oyster House for a fresh taste of the sea or cafe du monde for a quick bite without breaking the bank. Boucherie will also feed the famished with a penny-pinching mindset.

For a Mid-Priced Munch

Cochon and Bayona may be slightly more expensive than fast-food but will be better for a large lunch or dinner. Or visit Peche for oysters or a delicious smoked tuna dip.

For the Luxury Seekers

Chef John Besh’s restaurant August offers fine-dining French fare that is hard to resist.

For the Experience Seekers

Swamp Tours

Ready to be scared beyond belief? There is nothing more adrenaline-inducing than an alligator 3 times your size, poking up out of the bayou. Take a guided boat tour through the swamplands to catch a glimpse of nature down south.

Mardi Gras World

Though New Orleans may have many exciting pieces, its biggest claim to fame is the annual Mardi Gras celebration. Even if you can’t make it for the annual festivities that occur before Easter, Mardi Gras World will put you in the spirit, no matter the time of year.

Cooking Classes

For the foodies, learn a piece of the New Orleans cookbook to take home with you. You can learn creole or Cajun cooking, enjoy your feast and take home the recipe to enjoy for years to come.

Get your groove on in New Orleans where you’ll never come up short for things to do, live music to listen to or piping hot beignets to enjoy. Party till the early hours or join the early risers and enjoy the quieter side of New Orleans. No matter your experience, protect your international travel with an insurance policy that won’t hold you back or leave you vulnerable to unexpected mishaps.

Image courtesy of Flickr user finchlake2000