Group Rafting Through Andes Mendoza, Argentina


Whitewater rafting is an experience all in its own where you and a teamwork your way down a crazy, churning river to the end where you can collapse in a tired heap to say “you made it” and brag to your friends about the trip. Whitewater rafting in Mendoza, Argentina is that experience to the next degree.


In the Mendoza Province there are four primary rivers that are available to raft on and the waters range from Class 1 (mostly calm, very basic rapids) to Class 5 (large rapids, precise manoeuvring and required rafting expertise) for all ages. Read on for Cover-More’s guide to the best rivers to raft and the best outfitters to get you on the water and down the rapids safely and securely.

Argentina Rafting Expeditions

+54 (261) 429-6325

[email protected]

Argentina Rafting Expeditions has long been known as the best outfitter in all of the Mendoza province because of their many years of experience (the company launched back in 1993) and their superb spot on the Rio Mendoza. They started the company with full-day rafting excursions and continue to offer unbeatable service while adding additional water sports and other sports to their menu. That means, if you aren’t exhausted by the end of your rafting trip and want to go for round two, you have nine other adventures to pick from! For your rafting trip, choose from half-day trips to day-long trips down the river and pick from Class 2-4 rapids—experience isn’t required to participate in some of the tours, but is strongly recommended for any rapids over Class 2.

Rios Andinos

+54 (261) 517-4184

This outfitter specialises in a different kind of adventure from Argentina Rafting Expeditions above. Instead of doing half-day trips down the Andes-fed rivers, Rios Andinos combines rafting with other activities so you are exposed to more than one kind of adventure on your outing. For example, if you wanted to go rafting and go horseback riding in the same day—you could with Rios Andinos. All equipment needed is provided for you, so all you need to worry about is showing up and being ready to have a wild and fun day in Mendoza, Argentina!

Potrerillos Explorer

+54 (261) 609-5197

[email protected]

If you are looking for a more professional and boutique rafting experience, then try Potrerillos Explorer. They are a company that specialises in adventure travel, whitewater rafting and custom trip planning. They work hard to make sure you get the experience you’re looking for while staying safe and happy. They have friendly and experienced river guides to take you down the Mendoza River. The Andes-fed river is a snowmelt river, so depending on the time of the year, the river looks and acts differently. The duration of the trips and the difficulty of the rapids changes with the season as well, so be sure to make your level of experience known to your trip organiser so you don’t find yourself facing rapids too big or too small for you expectations.

An exhilarating white water rafting trip in the waters of the Mendoza River is sure to get your blood pumping and get you excited to try other adventure activities during your stay in Argentina. If you are a newly-discovered adrenaline junkie, the best way you can prepare for your holiday to Mendoza is by supplementing your travel insurance policy with adventure sports cover. You’ll protect your health and more from any unexpected problems that crop up—and when you’re dealing with unpredictable rapids, you may want all the cover you can get!

Image courtesy of Flickr user flopisubmarina